Sunday, July 10, 2005

Kauai...the garden island...or is it the island of chickens and u turns?

My friend.

Hey eveyone! Finding internet thus far over here has not been very easy and if you find it is's expensive and slow! Hence I am now a member of the Hawaii State Public Library System (HSPLS). Yay...Whooo Hooo! So I arrived here on July 8th at Lihue airport with my grndparents, auntie, uncle and 2 cousins! There are chickens everywhere here!!! Technically they are foul brought here by the Polynesians but I am not kidding when I say that there are roosters, hens and chicks everywhere. At the airport, at the supermarkert, at the beach and we even have one that comes to visit us every morning. That's what happens when you feed them and start to get attached! Or maybe the chicken is attached to the food we keep providing! We are staying in a beautiful million dollar (I wouldn't be surprised- real estate is very expensive here) house right on the beach! I am sleeping in the living room on a couch bed and can hear the waves crashing as I go to sleep! The U turns are because we made 6 or 7 (sometimes 2 in the same place!) trying to convoy our rental cars to our new house! We just couldn't seem to decide on a direction!


Mr David said...

hehe keep that library card! that can be your first souvenier! I want to be a member of the Hawaii library system too!!

I love the idea of chickens in an airport!! at least if you get caught trying to smuggle a chicken into the country you can say it isn't yours! :)
I don't know whether I want to fly out of an airport that can't keep chickens out... that's ordinary security!

>insert bad joke about chick's at the beach here<


p.s. Harry Potter has been out for 2.5 hours, I wonder if anyone's finished it yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I just caught up on all your adventures. Apart from the rude middle aged american's I can tell your enjoying yourself.

I got your card just after you left and I showed michelle. We both miss you very much. We went to the vegie bar for lunch and it was so strange to have the third party of you missing.

I had a dream last night that you came back early cos you ran out of money, but you were unhappy cos you didn't get to finish your adventure. So if i have psychic(sp?) powers, be careful with your mula (money).

Results came out last week and I'm pretty happy. Although I have realised that immunology is the baine of my existence. A very elated lisa after the exam turned into a frank hating lisa after results. Oh and I can't get into projects because its full! Crazy days.

I hope you enjoyed the on flight package and are using that pink dice wisely.

Love you and miss you heaps,

Lisa xox

Anonymous said...

Ello ello,
This is very strange, I have one close friend in the tropics (you) and another (Kris) who's gone to the snow at the moment.

And here's me in boring ol' Melbourne... I mean, no, Melbourne's very exciting right now. You all are missing out, yep... Okay, you know I'm lying.

Glad to hear you're having a good time, even though it already feels like you've been gone for ages and you're only at the start of your world tour!

Ignore the rude people and enjoy, that's what I say.


Claire said...

You joined a library!! I am so proud of you!!

Everything here is good, I'm kinda sick. that is so typical, holiday's come and I get the flu!!! As always I blame my mother!!! Results came out and after a week of stressing I discovered I actually did pretty well! I have to wonder about the ethics of my uni that they give me a Distinction on something that was 10 days late. doesn't seem fair, but I'm not complaining! I'm missing you heaps and your random pop ins. Everytime there's a knock on the door I think it's you.

should make a start on dinner. See you soon.