Saturday, July 23, 2005

LA...Feelin' HOT HOT HOT...*song*

Welcome to L.A. in California on the West coast of the USA! We arrived in LA at 6am but for us it was 3am!! A night with no sleep basically! My family looked tired! I'm okay- happy to be traveling and I have my routine to get sleep on planes (best thing ever) so I was peppy! My slogan is 'if the plane makes it (and no air pockets), it was a good flight'...not morbid/fearful...just easily pleased! As we landed I could see lightening on the horizon striking the ground. It was surreally beautiful and a completely different view so high up. By 8am when we went for breakfast at Coco's (a diner- how American, how fun!) it was already 23°C/75°F! The heat here is dry here and like an oven. It really makes you appreciate Hawaii's trade winds which blow north-east mean there is a constant breeze to keep away this exact heat! At breakfast, I tried some of Kaylen's (my cousin) cinnamon role french toast! God it was sweet! I made the mistake of adding syrup too! Takin' it easy today.


Anonymous said...

The weather here is so the opposite. Warm weather and a tan would be good.
First lecture back for immuno. all i wanted to do was turn to you or michelle and scream impail me!! But neither of you were there!! oh so lonely.
Hey can you email me from the address your using so i can write.
Tan it up,
Lisa :)

Emily said...

Hello Cara!
Yay first to comment - sorry i've been a bit slow getting here but I've had fun reading all your entries so far! Your in LA already huh? That was quick - all I know about American breakfast is Cheerios - are they any good? Not much happening down here at work though I've been sick myself but no broken bones just yet!
Sounds like your living the high life compared to my cousin Sal she's roughing it in China with squat toilets and elephants.
Looking forward to your next entry
Take care XOXO
Love EM

Cara Bradley said...

Thanks for writing so much Lisa! You're awesome and I am sorry I am not there to impail you in Immuno! lol! Oh we had fun times didn't we! At the time I ener thought that we wouldn't do it again! Can you fail a subject please? Thanks for writing too Em! I appreciate it and it was good to hear from you. Cheerios are good, and good for you too! A miracle! Elephants sound good...not sure about those toilets! I can think of better places to be! I am missing your laughter and happy face! =) xoxox