Saturday, April 22, 2006

Looks like Im staying!

Ryan left for Brno in the Czech republic today (Sad!) so he flys out on our flight tomorrow (he goes home in several days from london) and Im staying here to explore Budapest and plan my next move!


Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Ring your mother.
She is not sleeping, worrying about you being in a 3rd world Eastern Block country- alone.
Can not reach you by phone.

Mr David said...

poor Jan! :(

is Hungary 3rd world?

Hope you are enjoying it Cara, I had a friend from Hungary once, he was a bit weird! hehe

Take lots of photos! I want to see too!


Daddy said...

Hey Cara!

So the eastern block is aok. I have always heard that Hungry was interesting and worth a vist. It sounds like the prices are good. How is the food and is it all eithic or do they have all different kinds? Watch out for the Gypsies!

Love Daddy