Wednesday, April 26, 2006



I am now in Croatia. Ibn the capital, Zagreb. It is beautiful spring weather here and otday I toured around with a German girl whom I met yesterday night when I arrived. Today we saw the parliament, the two famous chuches, a cultural museum and one of the most beautiful cemetaries in Europe. We also had a nice lesiurely lunch....felt a bit lazy for that one! National park tomorrow


Din said...

here you to the ... Dobermann guy in case you need anything let me know.

Daddy said...


I think that Croatia is in the wrong direction. I wish that you would get back to Europe. They have had too kuch trouble in that area. WWI statred there. Be careful.

Love Daddy

Mr David said...

wow, Croatia is random! Sounds great! is your iPod working again? sounds like you two need some time apart! hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart

Just sitting here thinking of my
beautiful little girl.

Sounds like you are seeing
beautiful things and having fun.

Be so so careful.

Love you lots and lots. XXXXXXXXX


Anonymous said...

weren't you supposed to be in london????! I would havi liked to meet you! If you go back to Uk let me know. I'm in Essex at the moment.

Have a good time!
Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo,
If your make it to amsterdam hana from immuno is there for a while. Here's her email address if you want to catch her...
Hope your travels are fun.
My advice.. don't come back. Real life sucks, keep travelling and keep enjoying what the world have to offer. I have itchy feet!!!
But saying that would really like to see you soon,

Anonymous said...

wow croatia sounds like you are really going to the interesting places-im so envious. Dont listen to those that reacon ur going the wrong way. I say go to the intersting places, bad things happen anywhere, as long as your carefull you'll be fine.

Booked my flights, I am officially going to thailand......via Hong Kong for a week-if I'm stopping over there I might as well see it!!!!

Hear from you soon, let me know if you want me to investigate/get malaria tablets for you as I am going to get my injections soon, and will find out about them.

Luv u and miss you


rfahertyin06 said...

way to go Cara!
are you going to go to romania and poland? how far east will you go before you go back to germany? Keep on rocikin in the free world!
had a great time in budapest. glad to see your getting the most out of abandoning me in Brno, oh well, tit for tat right?
drop me a line sometime

Anonymous said...

Hey u,

I have sent you an email about Thailand so check it out and get back to me

cant wait to see you and adventure together

luv Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

i check up on your blog every once in awhile...sounds like you are having a fantastic tour!!! You are an inspiration and now i want to do a world tour!! have fun Cara (although i know i don't have to tell YOU that) You are such a smile :)

Jeanna (in New Jersey)

p.s. my mom says hello also

Clairess said...

There arn't enough adjectives in the world to describe how excited i am for you. You are in Croatia!!!! And don't listen to your dad, he's still hung up on the cold war and all of that.

I leave in about a months time, terribly excited but nervousness is slowly but surely creeping in. it would be nice to talk to you, you have a way of making the world seem warmer. Nevermind, it will be a stupendous adventure and in your honour i will attempt to befriend everybody i meet.

Missing you like crazy

Claire bear

Daddy said...

You should listen to your dad. It is not just the cold war!!!! I think that you kids are too young to remember. A couple of years ago they had a ethic cleansing there that killed over 1 million people. Mass graves were found. This type of hate goes back 100s of years and it goes forward. The world is not safe just because you have attitude!!! Your parent love you and worry about you. Not every place is safe and available to go to, the world is not always freendly, fair or just.

Love Daddy

Claire said...

Sorry to get you angry cara's dad, I understand that that part of the world has been exposed to so much brutality and visciousness over the last several centuries and that those wounds run very deep. I also understand that these wounds can affect a country and the attitude it's citizens may have towards foreigners.

I care for Cara deeply and pray most days that she is safe and happy. Cara may be young and have attitude but she is also one of the smartest women I know and trust her to make sound judgements when it comes to her safety, so that she can come home to us in one piece.