Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Im in Budapest!

Im in Budapest, Hungury! Its GREAT! Just got here this morning!


Anonymous said...

wow quite the traveller.

How was the czech republic?

Cant wait to see the photos.

Luv Rhiannon

clay said...

On to the Hungry!!!! What happened to the Czech Republic???? Did Ryan ever show up? Are you traveling alone? Did you like the Czech Republic? How did you get to Budapest? Budapest is supposed to be very nice!

Love Daddy

Anonymous said...

hey Cara,Hungry should be grandpa is from there so i'm a quarter Hungarian, hehe.I made scones today - i'm so proud - it was the first thing i cooked all year!love amy.xo

Anonymous said...

hello lovely...
its kris.. how are u?! i cant believe u are in budapest... lol how random of you! that rocks...

i am at uni.. trying to do an assignment.. =( lol..

i love the pictures of u.. still the same crazy cara =p

anyway i miss u

come home soon!

love kris

Emilys Vs The World said...

Hello Cara! OMG thats so cool that you are in Budapest I want to come there! Scotland has been good but we will be back earlier than we thought! Check your email i will send you some cadbury info!
have fun honey
xxoo em