Monday, April 03, 2006

Part 1-Barcelona and Valencia!


Anonymous said...

wow, wat amazing photos, i wanna come.

it really does seem the world is a small place, you really are lucky.

I'm finished at the commonwealth Games now, and back to the real world of trying to finish reports at uni. how can you go through 3 years of a degree and still not be able to work out statistical analysis, i'm trying to do chi squares and they may as well be talking another language. oh well back to the poor lecturer it is for me.

Still trying to get my airfair, apparently im not allowed to book it until Kenny's mum had checked out prices.

Hear from you soon.

Luv Rhiannon

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Hello my Mimi,
Terrific photos!
Love seeing your beautiful face :-)
ANY photos of you & your dad?
We miss you...come home.
Love you heaps,
Mum & Pat
Charlotte, puddy, muggs & baby Lucy

rfahertyin06 said...

who is that handsom guy your with in the phone photo?
hey cara, nice to see some pictures of spain, hope your having a blast with your papa. IRE is beautifull.
See ya

Clairess said...

hey beautiful,

I love your photo's. you look really well and happy.

Must be quick because i have been invited to a passover celebration by a uni friend of mine. Quite excited by all of it. I'm leaving May 31st and are quite mad that I'll miss you bny a month or so. your mum says that you might be going back to America. Let me know if you are.

Love you