Friday, April 21, 2006

Hi all from Budapest!

Hi there! Hungry is wonderful! Budapest sounds so forigen and far away but its not that at all...its great! I have so many stories and so much to tell but i just dont have the time....i am always rushing to my next location or trying to soak it all in or trying to find food or accmodation (that takes up alot of time).

Today I did a tour of Budapest and then went and found somewhere to stay tonight. Ryan and I bascially rented a room with a kitchen and lounge room for 9000HUF which is about 30 Euros...its huge, its modern and its EXCITING! We are a bit blown away! We then went to the Hungarian National Gallery (Magyar Nemzeti Galeria) and saw the permanent collection which is free. The museum was packed full of art and they had a really nice collection. It is on top of a hill that looks over all of the pest side od Budapest! Very nice!

Tomorrow Ryan flys back to London with Ryan Air and I have a flight booked. I am not sure if I am going to take it! Right now I am leaning strongly towards staying here and seeing a bit more of Hungury and Easter Europe which is severely under rated!

Dont know what I am going to do but will keep you posted! Right now I am looking for tours on the net for this area!


Anonymous said...

wow must b cool if you want to stay there longer, it sounds like easter is a fun time in europe or at least where u are.

Speak to you soon about thailand, still chasing airfairs but am sure it will happen soon.


Anonymous said...

hey Cara sounds like your really living it up...I've tryed calling you but i never seem to get through...Hope we can talk soon...I wanted to you about your plans when you go back to Melbourne...