Monday, April 03, 2006

Part 2-PHOTOS of Spain! Spanish photos! Photos with Spaniards!

So we left Valenica and went to visit Madrid but just couldnt keep away from all the fun so back to Valencia we went for acouple more days before exisitng Spain from Barcelona where I went off to Rome!Now that was the summary here are the photos!

So here is me with a bunch of traditionally dressed Spanish gals! The dresses and detail are amazing! I saw pieces of these costumes in stores in Spain for sale and I thought they were a bit over the top but when you see the whole ensemble it is magically beautiful. Ryan and I were on our way out of Valencia to Madrid when we were lucky enough to stumble across almost everyone who participates in the Las Fallas parades. It was registration day! So we got pictures of everyone and with some before the festival started and they were probably harassed all the time. I even found a girl who spoke english and asked her every single question I could possibly think of! Each Fallas house is for a region of the city and has its own emblem/pins which they give to eachother...and I was given 2!!!!!!!!! Lucky me!

So I raved on and on about the Spanish countryside and here it is in an all impressive out the window bus shot! Now if that doesnt impress you I dont know what will....raise your hand if you want to come to Spain immediately!

So here is the hostel I stayed at in Valencia! This is like the perfect promotion shot for hostels everywhere. Random youths all participating and sharing travelling together, creating moments they will remeber for the rest of their lives, bonding....almost makes you sick but it was a lot of fun and definetly one of my favourite things about travelling! The girl with her back to the camera and playing the guitar is Nicole from Munich, Germany who is studying to be a music teacher and has music pouring out of her soul and mouth at most times of the day. I hope to visit her when I stop by Germany in May!

Cara and Nicole (Munich) perched on high watching the Mascletta which is a firework display everyday at 2pm during and even before the festival! The sounds of the firworks are so lound they shake you from the inside out!

Cara and Ryan sandwiched between 2 Argentinians! And the message of this photo folks is that the world is smaller then you think and heres why. I met the guy on the left and his cousin in Valencia. I then went to Madrid and met the guy on the right who told me he was from Argentina in an intro conversation. I commented that I had been meeting a lot of Argentinians lately in Spain like in Barcelona and Valencia and he replied that his brother was in Valencia....yep....I met his cousin and brother in my hostel in Valencia! Out of all the hostels what are the chances! We also ran into them on the streets of Valenica on the last night of Las Fallas while jammed in the busiest crowds of the festival which hosts about 4 million people! Crazy!

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Hello, my beautiful little "Baby Girl". Thank you so much for calling yesterday. I was sad to have missed your call, but I'm saving it along with the others. I have 3 now, and listen to them often. Papa and I love reading your blog, & the picture of you with all the Spanish girls is oh so cute. Papa enlarged it, so we now have an 8x10. Will look forward to hearing about your stay with your two friends you met in Hawaii. Have fun, sweetheart, and be so very very careful. Love you lots and lots. XXXXXXXXX Nonie