Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cara had arrived in the Czech Republic

Hi guys. So I have arrived in the Czech Republic...cant find the exclimation mark on this thing otherwise there would be an abundance appearing as always. So I got to Stansted airport and couldnt find my travel buddy. I waited and waited and in the end flew alone. Amazing how things turn out. Dont know what happened but I got an email saying Ryan will be coming tomorrow and is spending tonight at the airport to ensure he doesnt miss his next flight....sounds like a bit of a story. I am going to find a hostel now. I was looking for the internet and asked 2 guys on the street and they let me into their office. So now I am sitting with the receptionist and a security huard typing away. On the way over I bonded with the woman next to me, as I am so famous for doing, and she escorted me into town, bought me my bus ticket, helped me exchnage money and gave me her number in case of emergency. So, so far outstanding reports of how freindly the Czechs are. hoory....its just not the same without my beloved exclimation marks1111


lollooc said...

hey cara!!!it's lollo! irish igloo sestriere!!!
come back to turin sumtime!!
it's relli cool now, it's is almost over...!!!
hope to hear from you soon
my email address is

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara,
Got your postcard. Thanks.
Sounds like you and Clay had lots of fun! Hey, we just hired a woman from the Czech Republic. Hope everyone there is as nice as she is.
We'll be in Paris May 10th....if your passing through....

Keep haveing fun!