Sunday, April 30, 2006

Split...oh I'd love to think of a whitty title....suggestions please!

Hi guys!

I just spent 2 nights in the Nationsl Park Plitvička jezera. It was amazingly beautiful! Tiers upon tiers of waterfalls! I have soooooo many pictures of waterfalls you will all be sick of them when I get back!

I am now in the city of Split on the coast and I like it here too! I have to go to dinner with some American guy, his brother, fiance and friend. The to live Irish music I think....wacky! I PROMISE photos soon!

Cara with a big grin!

Thank you all for your comments! I felt soooo warm and fuzzy inside! I will try to talk to you sometime soon Claire bear, great to hear flights are booked Rhiannon I am both happy and relieved and STOP WORRYING FAMILY!!!! Croatia is beautiful, modern and friendly! Rainy too at the moment but we hope that will pass by monday!

P.S. Suggestions for a title guys!


Daddy said...

You should listen to your dad. It is not just the cold war!!!! I think that you kids are too young to remember. A couple of years ago they had a ethic cleansing there that killed over 1 million people. Mass graves were found. This type of hate goes back 100s of years and it goes forward. The world is not safe just because you have attitude!!! Your parents love you and worry about you. Not every place is safe and available to go, the world is not always friendly, fair or just.

Love Daddy

Love Daddy

Anonymous said...

hello mon ami,
i dont kno anything about croatia so im not gonna say anything about that.. i dont even kno where it is... lol..
just be safe and have lots of fun!
i miss you and cant wait till u come back home.

love u
love kris

Cara Bradley said...

I dont hear any witty suggestions....just arguments about different perspectives of young and old on Croatia!

Clairess said...

You want witty suggestions, I'll give you witty suggestions. split.... shift, (or maybe that's just my life), split condom (or maybe thats just my cousins life, you could try and split.. the atom little miss science major (but they have already done that) I give up.

Would love to hear from you but I am happy to give you a call, but am fearfull of calling you in the middle of the night. When you are in a place for several days email me with the time difference.

Love you