Friday, April 14, 2006

Cara and her Daddy at the Palace of Versailles

Here is my Dad and I at the Château de Versailles! Behind us is the Château! Big! Fablous! Beautiful!


Anonymous said...

So, did I mention how lucky you are?! I absolutely loved Versailles, and Paris, and France, and, well, Europe in general just rocks. I got your e-mail, and just wanted to say, have a blast in Prague. That is definitely on my list of must-sees. I've got some exciting plans for the future as well: the Fall semester at FSU's campus in Panama, and then spring in France (je ne sais pas ou exactemment, peut-etre Dijon). Glad to see that you're still safe and having an amazing adventure. BTW, Spain would not have been as much fun if we hadn't had you there to be crazy and adventurous w/us! Talk to ya later.


Daddy said...

I had such a good time with you in France. I really loved the Eiffel tower, I wish that we could have stayed longer. I really enoyed the bicycles that we rented. I am so happy that you met up with Alan and will see him at his house. Be safe and have a good time in Prague. I came home and washed my cloths and wished that I could have washed yours also, but it looks like you got them done!

Love Daddy