Friday, April 14, 2006

London!!!! for the second time!

So my Dad returned to California on April 10th and I am hanging around London with mates!

Friends in London:

Crazy Cara sporting a fablously yellow hat belonging to an of the Italian girl from Venice staying in my room in the London hostel.
Christina (USA-another hostel room mate), Cara and Emily (Cara's friend from high school whom Cara told 'Emily, you must come to Europe' and here she is!) at lunch in London's Chinatown with wonderfully presented Japanese ( CHINAtown) cusine. After lunch I trained it south to Chichester (in the county of Sussex) to visit my friends Emily and Lucy Budge (and stay with their family) to celebrate Emily's 21st birthday. I was a birthday surprise! Being a surprise is fun!. I met the sisters in my first ever hostel when I visted Honolulu, Hawaii at the start of my trip! Lucy pointed out to me the other day how crazy it is that they met me at the start of my trip and I am STILL travelling....and when you put it like that is seems amazingly wonderfully odd!

Tomorrow I will see my uncle (my Dad's sister Ava married an Australian) Michale's brother who lives very close. He is going to pick me up at 1pm and I am going to meet his family. How nice! Here here for random relatives!

I am here until the morning of April 15th (Saturday) when I will take the train back to London and then a bus to Stansted airport (one of London's discount airports) to rendez-vous with my friend Ryan. We will then fly to Prague, Czech Republic for a week!

It's been so nice being here. Sleeping in a comfy bed, washing clothes,havidng the ability to jog, being surrounded by cats (I miss my puddies!), eating fablous the sisters, their mother and I all went to their country club and went for a dip (oh how posh!) in the pool, spa and steam room! So by the time I set off for Prague I should be organised, clean and ready to hit the road and be homeless once more and here after!


rfahertyin06 said...

clean and ready to travel i buy. but organized, i will beleave it when i see it.
hope your having a blast, cant wait to see you tomarrow.

Mr David said...

i must say you have turned me from a dog-person to a fence-sitter. I like cats as well now. Especially Becc's cat Koosh. She is really black with these amazing big eyes! And she likes to sit in the shelf for the toaster! lol

Prague is sposed to be great! Take lots of photos........... i assume you have a camera again now that photos are appearing on your blog??

come home (jan)


Alisa said...

CARAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry for not visiting your site more often!!!! It's Alisaaaaaaaaa! >v< It's 10:30am on a Saturday in Lyon, and I am heading to the marche near my rez to get some fresh veggies and fruits. Yum! I've read upto Madrid so far, but it sounds like you're having a wonderful time on your trip. I'm so glad. And amazed at the number of people you know in Europe! You probably know at least 1 person in every single country around the world. But it's all because of your amazing personality. People just can't help falling in love with you. Because you're you!! =) Everyone in Lyon misses you very much, especially me. Boohoo... School is going into Easter holidays from the 22nd to the 9th of May, so I may be going on a mini-trip myself too. Where will you be around that time??

Have fun in Prague!!