Monday, November 21, 2005

Warning: this post contains over us of the word COLD:

It became considerably COLDER here while I was in London. I am really noticing the COLD now. I would like to ride to uni in a balaclava and/or a ski mask! I currently have gloves without fingertips to allow me to do things. However, I think I will have to retire these to ‘inside gloves’ (yes, it may be necessary) as I can do things but soon I will not have fingertips either. Hence, I think I will be investing in another pair! The other day after I stopped riding my fingertips actually felt like they were burning. Not good I’m sure but a nice change ice cubes/blocks right? I keep having these random thoughts, wondering if it’s possible to get frostbite with the wind factor while on a bike or for someone who is not used to the cold.

I feel slightly better after talking to my Czech neighbour. He said that it is not usually this cold in Lyon at this time of year and that were are experiencing a taste of January/February’s weather. He thinks it will get warmer. I am glad I am not staying here for all of January and not here at all in February….maybe I will be working in the snow…hahaha….much better! Oh, and every time I mention my Czech neighbour’s optimistic opinion everyone say’s ‘No, my friends say it’s normal’ Not good!

I had breakfast Saturday morning with Sebastian (English) and we made the mistake of buying pastry from one of the best bakeries in Lyon (or so I’ve been told) but doesn’t have any seating (indoor seating is now a requirement). So after chatting for 2 hours outside, I returned home and had to wash my feet in hot water in the sink. They were freezing inside my shoes! I have never worn footwear and had to consider that my feet might be COLD. Usually if I consider anything it is related to how easy the shoes are to walk in or weather the shoes are good for rain or if it is windy will they allow wind to make my feet cold. But here it is necessary to consider that your feet might just be COLD because outside it is COLD!

We have not had to use the heater yet. My apartment is surprisingly warm. However I can’t say the same for the shower….I am currently considering taking showers at the university gym facilities…I guess that doesn’t say much for my ‘warm apartment’! There is no place to hang a shower curtain in our house and even if we were to buy one and hooks to stick onto the wall, basically the bathroom is divided by a single wall from the kitchen but it doesn’t reach the ceiling. So ‘au revoir’ heat! A while ago after taking a shower I actually went and got into my sleeping bag afterwards!

Alisa advised me to stop riding when my eyes start watering from the COLD wind and when I responded with ‘Uhhh, that’s already happening’ she just said “Ohhh…okay…well maybe you might need to take the metro then”. I may have to buy a train pass for winter. I was hoping to just get through it. How COLD can it get right? I have since reconsidered.

Last night (Saturday) I asked Niki “This is as cold as it gets in Australia yeah?” She responded speedily and with a look of disgust “I don’t think it gets this cold in Australia!” as she was putting on her fourth layer of clothing. And remember folks….it’s only November.

Today (Sunday) I rode somewhere with 5 layers on! Strap top, long sleeve polyester under layer (both tucked), jumper/sweater, fleece vest, jacket and a coat. My core was warm but my legs were COLD.

I also said to Ben that I was COLD! This is something I have said many times but on this particular occasion he replied ‘Of course you’re cold you live in Australia and you were born in California! It’s not in your genes!’. I rebutted this with ‘But my grandma is Swedish and my grandpa was Czech (dad’s side) and on the other side they are Italian, Irish and the list goes on but those are European, colder-ish countries!’. He replied ‘Just keep telling yourself that.’ I then asked what we were going to do later in winter and he shrugged…he doesn’t have a good coat yet! I however, have made a game plan….better gloves, better shoes, better scarf, beanie and stockings/tights or long underwear under jeans…yep….no problems. I may not be able to move as I am laden down with so much clothing I could rival any department store but never mind!

Enough of the COLD and onto other news:

I have given prices for all our things to a postgraduate student/student who may want to take the apartment after us. That we be really good because I don’t want to have squash my mattress back down the stairs! At the moment I am considering using rope and trying to lower out of my 4th story window not a good idea I am sure but if…..

Ben and I have a pretty good relationship. We both just buy random food for the house and it all seems to work. I am not sure if I am contributing enough. I traveled to England and other places and therefore didn’t consume the food in our house for ages and so now I honestly don’t know.

I have two dinners planned for next week. Tuesday is French dinner with the Frenchies and Friday in ‘English dinner’ basically for an excuse to have dinner with my new friend Corey who I met at McDonalds while using the internet. He is an American over here dancing with the ballet and is really nice. I will be inviting French people who want to practice their English as there are a lot! There should be about 10 people each night…not that we have more the 6 chairs…but hey…who’s counting?

P.S. What am I complaining about? I spoke to a girl (New Zealand) who said when she was on exchange in Poland it was so cold they could feel the cold ground through their shoes while inside a church! Oh Lyon is looking good now baby!


kristel said...

hello my lovely COLD friend!!
oh u poor thing! being cold is not fun!
i kno.. just hop around everywhere in ur sleeping bag! somehow cut holes in the bottom and walk around
i love u
love kris

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart

I'm cold just reading about how

cold you are. Put on both pairs

of long underwear. You might not

move too quickly, but you should

be warm.We're packing for Cambria,

will p/u Jason around 9:30 a.m.

tomorrow. The others will come

later in the day, because Danny

has to work.A small pkg. is on the

way. Keep warm and safe, honey.

I love you lots and lots.


Mr David said...

Even Florida is getting cold now! I can't imagine what it is like north of here.... like in Lyon! hehe

Actually I'm finding the winter quite homely! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara, just a quick question. R u doing 3rd yr immunol by any chance? I'm thinking of doing it and for some reason I get the impression you were doing it... Anyway, hope you somehow get used to the cold!
On a different note, I'm leaving for Uruguay on tuesday! how exciting! yay.
Ok, last exam tomorrow so I better go study, hugs!

Cara Bradley said...

Hey KRIS my pet!!! That's very original/unique advice there! Hi NONERS AND PAPA, I received your Thanksgiving Card! Thank you! I asked around if anyone is doing anything here and it seems a bit too hard for everyon. I guess when the majority of people don't have an oven that dosent help, I am one of the lucky few! Merci et YAY for another package! DAVID, you are finding winterly homely? Oh you're nuts! When my fingers were freezing off this morning the last thing I thought was homely! You poor homesick boy! LAURA, I am not sure about 3rd yr immunol. I did the first semester already and it was pretty tough. There is a certian thinking pattern required to succeed and I don't think I have it. I was thinking of doing microbiology and biochem upon return! And 3 subjects if I pass everything here! Have a great time in Uruguay!!!! It's going to be nice weather....jealous!

derw said...

surprisingly enough japan is not so cold right now. maybe come january or late dec it will be colder. but you know me; tshirts most of the time. anyway!!!!!!!! please stay warm. from

drew (mr warm despite dodgy japanese winter fast approacheth)