Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Photos: Cara spends a weekend in Camaret with Claire's family !

Thursday: Cara, Alice and Claire on the 2:19pm train to Orange!

Dinner with the family on Thursday night. We ate 'Endives du Jambon' which is like Lettuce wrapped in ham in a white sauce. Followed by cheese (yum!) and then dessert- ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream and 2 types nougat. The dark nougat that we ate is traditionally eaten here at Christmas time.

Friday: Claire and Cara with l'arc de Tiromphe from approx 20 AD.

Sunset at the ruins Cheateauneuf.

Yannick, Claire and Cara at Yannick's house in Chateauneuf. First we visited 'le cave' of Yannick's father where we saw the barrels of wine and tasted 3 different wines. His family makes the brand of wine called 'Chateauneuf'. Then we went to his house, chatted and drank 'Clairette de Die' with his Parents. Clairette is a drink just like champagne or sparkling apple/grape juice only slighty better and a little alcoholic (about 7%). Cara has a new favourite drink! I was given a wine glass with Chateauneuf printed on it! Awesome souvenir!

Pizza and Tarte aux pommes (apple tart) with lots of friends at Cecile's house in Bollegne: Cecille, Youness, Claire and Cara.

Saturday: La raclette for lunch! This was one of my favourite meals! Alright, so the storey goes, raclette is a cheese best eaten melted or so I was told when I randomly picked it at the suprmarket several months ago. I melted it into risotto and loved it. When I went to visit Claire she looked at my journal and told me that was not the way to eat raclette. She told her Mum and low and behold on Saturday lunch, raclette! So nice! So you melt the raclette in a tiny little pan (you can see one to the left) under a special grill (seen at the back in the middle of the table) specifically for raclette and then poor it onto veggies (we had potatoes and lettuce) and meat. So yum! Melted cheese! My favourite!

Saturday: Claire's mum, Cara and Claire at le Palais des Papes in Avignon. Avignon is city enclosed by ramparts and is famous in a song for 'dancing on le Point d'Avignon'. Le Point d'Avignon is a bridge....or rather half a bridge on the Rhone, half destroyed in the second world war. That's one thing you notice being in Europe, everywhere you go there are reminders of the war.


Anonymous said...

i love the photos, if you use your imagination enough it is almost like you are actually there, visiting all these places with you. OK so maybe i have been studying a bit too much and my mind has finally gone, but i can dream and wish i was there cant i? Keep up the travelling i want to see photos of more places all over eruope.

Love Rhiannon

kristel said...

bonjour mon ami,
i love ur randomness! ur random having dinner parties in other peoples houses.. very random event! lol... i just want to warn u not to turn into cheese! u seem to be eating so much of it! make sure u dont get jaundice and turn yellow! i hope ur having a blast
love kris =)

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Fantastic photos!
The cheese sounds tre' incredible!
You look beautiful...I miss your face. Kiss, Kiss

Love Mom

claire...tte de die said...

oh sympa ce que tu as fait!!! a aprt que jai toujours des tete de folle sur les photos :p .sinon bien sympa la soirée chez andrew, jespere quil nous rapellera pour jeudi soir ca sera loccasion de se revoir! aufait je viens encore de voir Ben, il est dans la salle informatique en meme temps que moi mais il ne m'a pas vu.... encore !!
allé bizz et see you! ooooooo yeah

clairette encore said...

aufait le garcon que tu ne connais pas cest youness! ;p