Thursday, November 24, 2005

My world map!

My personal world map

visited 7 countries-
like to visit all other countries

Create your own world map

I quite like this world map idea! Although for my liking my map is not nearly dark blue enough! I will have to do another one at the end of my trip! I didn't select any for 'would like to visit' as it was too difficult to pick every box....I did start but got discouraged after Africa! Thanks Jayan!


Anonymous said...

Wow- I thought I'd seen more of the world...still lots of new places to see!

Mr David said...

hehe I tried to make one as well but it will be way more interesting at the end of my trip after I add in a few more countries! Especially seeing as this is my first time out of Australia/New Zealand.....

Also you have to go visit Alaska!

Apps said...

Hey Cara!

I cant believe you only missed 3 classes when you went to London for 10days -- HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???

i think i just worked out now that you dont have uni every day?! Lol what is your rough timetable??

Really looking forward to dinner on Friday, I only got 2 bottles of red though, its not going to be enough for 10! Is someone else bringing wine too??

I've got 2 chairs, want me to bring em? Erin said she'd come, hope that doesnt make 11!! she said shed bring a food-based thing!

Seeya soon!

Cara Bradley said...

I know, so many new places to visit LEW! So little time! DAVE, I thought the same thing about Alaska and YAY for you making a map at a later date! Hey APPLEY! Pretty cool that you are commenting....YAY for tomorrows dinner and yes bring chairs!! My friend Corey is bringing wine too I think but no worries any way mate! Sans soucci!

Clairess said...

Can you just cover the entire globe in little flags. at least america is big and therefore looks impressive. England and Turkey are the only two major destinations I have visited and their tiny!!!

Hopefully I will soon add more dark blue. Still waiting to hear back from the Camp America people and trying to get as many hours at work to fund it all. But i refuse to dwell on it all. It's warming up, (Sorry) and summer is only days away and I am free from scholatic constraints!