Friday, November 11, 2005

Provence for the weekend with a French family!!!

I am in the region of Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur (south of Lyon and 130kms north of Marseille) for the weekend with my French friend Claire. I am staying with her family, in Camaret, and it is great so far. We arrived by train in the town of Orange this afternoon and they are so nice. Sight southern French accent is interesting to hear! We are going to sight see a bit over the weekend. She is going to take me places as my guide! YAY! We are going to visit Avignon (very famous) and see other things here! Orange has 2 of the 'greatest Roman monuments in Europe' (so says my guide book) right in the centre of town which I find amazing. I have seen both already in a quick tour with Calire and her Mum when we first arrived! One is a huge Roman Theatre from the 1st century AD. It is similar to the one in Lyon but more intact with an exterior wall. The second is the 'Triumphal Arch' or 'l'Arc de Triomphe' (not the one in Paris obviously) dating from about 20AD. They are right in the middle of town!


Anonymous said...


it must be good to be able to visit friends in their home town and get a guided tour from them. they will know so much more about the sights than you will ever learn from a guide book. as for the new accents at least you will be able to improve your french by being able to understand it when it is slightly different, i know when i was learning german, it was hard to understand german accents from differnt areas.

Enjoy your weekend

Love Rhiannon

Daddy said...

It is great that you are seeing so many things and places. Your French must be getting better if you can tell the differance between the southern and the French in Lyon!!!