Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Feel like some London Photos?

My guide and I in Paris. Yep, thats the Seine in the background....behind that boat!

Cara arriving in London at 6am! I took bus 52 from South Kensington Station to meet Dhivya at Albery Hall! She lives just around the corner at Beit Hall, Imperial College London!

After arrving, Div and I eat breakfast (tea and scones....how English) in her kitchen. This is for Dhivya's family!

Div and Cara sightseeing London on my first day. That's westmininster and Big Ben in the background!

Oh yes! It's Cara in a telephone box! YAYAYA! Essential tourist photo!

Say "English house party!!!". I would give names left to right but the fact of the matter is I am really not sure...alright, from left to right: probably first year science students at Imperial with us Aussie gals!

Hanging with the boys! The original reason for going to London was to celebrate Marton's (met during random travels) 40th birthday. Here is half the party (there were couples and kids that met us there) catching the train to 'South-end-on-Sea' where he put us up in a hotel and we went out to dinner Tex Mex style to celebrate his birthday. After we went clubbing for a bit and then hung out the next day at 'South-end'. Thanks for a great time guys!

Cara and Div in front of Buckingham Place laughing at Ben (Div's friend) taking the photo!

Dhivya and Cara celebrating Diwali (Indian Christmas) at Dhivy's relatives house in London. It was really special to be included and food was amazing! We did fireworks in the backyard. Yes, thats right, fireworks are legal here, they were going off all over the suburbs and these were pretty impressive.

It's Cara and Big Ben!!! Its the classic photo that you have to have! I just could not get over seeing Big Ben in person!!! For me it is one of the bets things I have seen so far! Maybe because I always knew I would see the Eiffle tower but Big Ben was even more incredible....P.S. I saw both in less then 12 hours! How amazing is that! I think that's great! That would have to be on the list of things to do in a lifetime! P.S. When asked to take photos of people try not to cut off the top of the landmark....this is the best of 4 photos and not bad but the others are shocking!


Cara's Mom & Pat said...
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Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Hello my Mimi,

You look beautiful...in the phone booth, with BIG Ben and also with your pansy pin.

Love Us

Blue said...

Heya, very impressive travelling adventures you're having. The fact that you have things go wrong, always seem to be rushing everywhere, but still wind up where you want to be is so very you!

Always nice to see photos of you looking so relaxed and happy too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Been reading all your posts, great to hear about your adventures, seeing pics, its a bit like sharing the experience. Take care! hugs