Friday, November 25, 2005

Random dinner on Tuesday!

TUESDAY, Nov 22nd, 2005:

Ben, Sandra (Germany), Ruldolphe (France), Vincent (France), Cara, Frank (Guadeloupe) and Kathryn (Canada). I met Ruldolphe and Vincent at dinner with the Melbourne University exchnage co-ordinateur. They are coming to Melbourne University to study next semester! I met Kathryn's Mum, Honey, in Annecy on my way to Italy and we swapped details. P.S. Ben likes Sandra (I can say this because she doesnt know the blog exists!)

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Clairess said...

I love randoms!!!

I tried my best to organise a random that would have disguised my "snag hottie that never called" mission but have failed miserably. Alas, Myer has foiled my plan and rostered me on every single available night for the next 6 weeks including a 5am start!!! 5am!!! I work in department store!!!!! Who shops at 5am and is right in the head? NO ONE!!!!!

But on the plus side I do have tickets to the Lion King for thursday and for GREEN DAY!!! I'm seeing Green Day live!! Yay Me!! (There are a lot of exclamation marks on this post)!!!

I also have sort of heard from the Camp America people, they sent me visa application infomation which I assume is a good sign. But it does mean that all the extra money that I am working for must be saved and can't be squandered on U2 concert tickets for next year, and possibly Big Day Out either. Seriously bummed out, but life goes on.

Must go, I have an application to fill out and a 14 hour shift tomorrow.

Love you