Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Photos: Us and our free internet

Ben and I eating our first dinner together in ages. Between my travels, his working and our different schedules cooking a meal together was quite novel! YAY for travelling. P.S. We has veggies in a creamy sauce, green beans on the side and was yummy and Ben has taught me the best way ever to cook rice!!!

Okay, so it appears we can sometimes get free wirless internet thanks to the hotel across the road! Thank you internet gods! It works best if you are at the window however...hummm. So here I am resting my laptop in the planter box at the living room window sill! Rugged up in gloves (Thanks Lisa, great going away present!), several layers of jumpers, a scarf and my blanket! P.S. The towel is doing wonders to stop the cold air coming in from that window which extends to the ceiling *joke*!

Ben thinks its a bit nippy too! lol! The life of a student!


Daddy said...

As the crok hunter would say, "crikie it looks cold at your place" Make sure that laptop does not fall out the window.

Love Daddy

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness your wearing the gloves I gave you!!! I knew it would only be a matter of time before you found some use for them. Is it really that cold in europe?! I think i'll be in for a very big shock. Its the most beautiful day here and my exam went okay but now to more study.
Love you bye,

Aidan said...

hey cara,

long time no comment. In the middle of exams at the moment so I thought to myself "what would be an excelent way to procrastinate?" turns out the perfect way to do it is to catch up on what my wild world traveling friend is doing! Love the photos, and I'm glad you're having a great time. Good to see you're still using the MU diary!

Take care, can't wait to see you again!


Anonymous said...

i love the photos of you using the laptop in the plater box-yay for scabbing free internet use.

If you are finding it cold now im sure your going to be in for a big shoke when it really gets to winter-the life of a student is never easy-keep it up cara

Love Rhiannon

Texas Pat said...

ma chere Cara--

Poppa gave me good instructions and I'm enjoying your world tour! looks like lots of great friends, wonderful sights, and good eating...Be cautious, says your ole' cousin Pat- and continue to have an exciting adventure!!! luv ya--

Dave's Dad said...

Hi Cara,

Looks like you are still having a great time, even with the weather..

My son will be jealous. I think he would love to be having something decent for dinner. I thnk the American fare is wearing thin and to be cold.... a change in climate would be a nice change!

Weather lovely here most days. We are in our 25 degree phase before the real heat. Great golf weather!

Scenery not as exotic though..

Stay safe.

Dave's Dad.

Cara Bradley said...

DADDY youre so funny...nice crock hunter impression! I can picture you doing it too with your BAD BAD Aussie accent that you know I love! As I always say you will have to come and live in Australia for a bit before you can do a good one! Although I don't know how long I will be there once I return! Travel will beckon...

LISA, pack warmy love! Although, Italy isnt supposed to be too bad...Lyon is South and shouldn't be either but this winter is supposed to be REALLY cold! GREAT! 'I'd say Bring it on!' but I really really don't want it!

AIDAN, Great to hear from you mate! Hooray for procrastination and I am glad my journal worked adequately! So I am youre 'wild world traveling friend' hey!?! I love it! Good luck with exams and love your MU diary!

RHAINNON, Yeah, I am gonna freeze! Already and am wearing all my warm clothes and it's only Nov!
PAT!!!!- Well done (Aussie expression) for commenting! I am so impressed! You are the first of the family and newer internet users to do so!

FRANK- Nice to hear from the Tidys in Oz! I am really jealous of the '25 degree phase' of whiwh you speak and hahaha about the Golf comment!

drew said...

hey cara! now i think i could tell you a few more exotic ways to cook rice from japan ;)