Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lyon again!

Returned form Camaret with Claire and her housemate Alice on Sunday night. Due to the threat of rioting, all public transport within Lyon finished at 6pm (you should have seen the queues for taxis outside the station) and so I stayed at Claire and Alice's apartment. We walked to their house, ate 8 veggie soup, watched a dramatic episode of ER in French and then went to bed. In the morning I returned to my cute little apartment in Vieux Lyon feeling like I had been absent for ages. I ate breakie, unpacked my things and then went to uni for my Translation class at 2pm followed Theories of European Integration from 3-6pm. Theories of European Integration is my only class in English which I ended up taking reluctantly because I needed more points or credits in my degree. I like the professor for that class. He is nice, humorous and we sometimes go off on tangents. I have never studied anything at uni like this before and hence talking about trade unions and the structure of the European Union is a bit confusing/interesting. After class I met up with Carston, an exchange student from Georgia, USA. He spoke with me last week about wanting to improve his French. I suggested he find French friends and maybe have a dinner. So I said I would come for dinner on Monday with his French friends. So it was Monday and we went shopping together, I decided what to make since he has no clue….how did I get myself in this deep? We went back to his residence (the same residence as Niki (Aust) and Andy (England))> all the while I was thinking ‘oh better hurry and start cooking’, after walking into Carston's that turned into better hurry and start cleaning’! It was habitable but there were dirty dishes and random things everywhere, no space to cook and the floor was dirty. Carston started borrowing chairs and I dived into to Andy’s to ask for help! ‘Andy, Have you eaten? No? Good! You’re eating with us! Carston’s place is a disaster come quick!’ That’s when Andy said the magical words ‘Why don’t you juts have it here!’ The best idea in the world! So we had my friend Claire and her housemate Alice plus Carston’s 2 French friends (women of course) Marie Claire and umm I forget, Andy and his friend Sebastian who decided to pop in and ended up staying after a carrot was thrust into his hand and he was told to grate! So we ate salad to start with a main of pesto pasta and the biscuits for dessert. Andy, Seb and I did the dishes and clearing while Carston (remember this is his diner!) wooed the 2 Frenchies back to his room! Seb and I walked home, I insist I am walking him as I have a bike and therefore he needs protection as he is on foot and he insists it is I who need the protecting with my long blonde hair, accent and way of attracting attention. We chatted until late as we always do and the parted ways. I go north and he goes south.

P.S. Thank you god of internet who allows the hotel's internet across the road to work in my apartment...sometimes...but none the less it is working now!

P.P.S. I went to the effort of spellchecking this Mum.


Mr David said...

hehe I didn't see any spelling mistakes.... but then my spelling is rubbish now too!! Especially as my writing now is quasi American/Australian

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Happy to know you are safe..sounds like a fun event...happy to hear you are practicing your French! Of course, WE know you are the prettiest girl in Lyon...with your long blonde hair, and beautiful smile. Glad there are a few nice gentlemen around to walk you home. We love you...
(nice spelling)

Anonymous said...

why am i not surprised you attract a lot of attention, how else are you to meet so many random friends.

it sounds like you had an awsome time in Orange, your friends seem so nice a generous.

Dont worry, i too didnt notice any spelling mistakes in your blog, but then again i havent in any of your others either (does that say something about my spelling?)

It sounds like you have finally sorted out your subjects, i am currently fighting the SIS at uni as it wont let me reinroll as i have no subjects put down for first semester therefore i need to apply for a leave of absence-dah they are all in summer semester, therefore finished by first-damb computers

Love Rhiannon