Saturday, November 12, 2005


Today I awoke (a bit late) and had lunch with Claire's family. Lunch consisted of seasoned cucumbers and tomatoes, veal in cream and mushroom sauce, cheese and posh desserts. After that we did a tour of Orange and saw l'arc de triomphe up close and the theatre. Walked the streets a bit and saw all of Orange fromthe top of the hill. After that we drove to Chateau Neuf (a chateau and also a town) to meet Claire's friend Yannick. We saw the sunset from the chateau which is situated on a hill. Beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Looking to some nice photo's.
Glad you are taking the opportunity at every chance to get around and see the French countryside and Europe!
Keep exploring


Claire said...

becoming more and more jealous with every passing day. I understand that you are trying to keep us informed but must you use so much detail???

I can barely stand it.


P.S. I sent you back an email keeping you up to date with all the things going on here. Make sure you read it. It's a doozy.