Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The first snow!

Okay, so I got really excited and amazed by the first snow in Lyon and the first snow that I think I have ever seen actually in motion, falling! I was ridding home and things started falling from the sky...at first I thought it must be dirt or ash or something because my fingertips were numb when I tried to feel if it was cold. Then I had to actually stop right then and there and ask someone if it was now. She happened to be a Lyon 3 uni student from the Ukraine and thought I was very cute being amazed. I then asked her to take a photo of me being amazed before rushing home and yelling 'Ben, IT'S SNOWING!' We then both ran to the window and pressed our noses against the glass!

The view from my window + snow!

Looking North at the Saone + snow! Look at all the white roofs! How cute! However the ground is pretty slippery in some places so can't wait to get my hiking boots! I think they will be essential here in winter! If you continue walking along the river my apartment is on the left!

That the Fourviere (beautiful Church) on the hill and straight ahead is Vieux Lyon metro station + snow!


Daddy said...

I though that we have seen snow falling together before. It is so beatiful!!! I remember when I saw snow fall for the first time. I was on my way up to the Yosomite and it started to snow heavy. Everything looked so balck and white. I felt like I was in a photograph.


Claire said...

Snow is awesome!!! I first saw snow was in England when i was 6 and it snowed on christmas Day. I kept saying that it was a miracle but my cousins assured me that it was just winter!!!

A friend of mine from Canada is always amazed that Australians refer to snow as "The" snow, as if it is an amusement park. But I have since had a frosty relationship with snow because my second exposure to snow was in Mt Baw Baw and i was toboganing i broke my nose on a tree. (Did you like my weather puns?)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cara! I love snow too! :-) But rug up! biking in snow might not be too good...
I'm not having a very good time, a bit stressed! We were supposed to leave this morning but argentine airline workers are on strike because of their wages... I'm still waiting to find out when we're leaving :-( I just wanna go! Anyway, gonna watch the news.

Cara Bradley said...

Hi Daddy, I know we saw snow. Lots of snow (probably one of the only times I have seen snow ) on a trip we went on when I was little but I don't remember seeing it falling. 'Cool' weather puns Claire! and there's another! I didn't know that you broke your nose when you were little! Hi Laura! Sorry to hear that your flights were all messed up! I hope you get to go... and soon! I think that would stress me out a little too! I hope you don't comment again cos it means your in Uraguay or 'Uruguay' en francais....why does everyone have to change the names of the countries too! We should all say it how the people who live there say it and be done with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! SO excited! Leaving tomorrow morning, total change of plans! Going Sydney-Singapore-PARIS-Atlanta-BSAS-Montevideo! yay! Its a pity I cant leave the airport as I would absolutely love to wonder around Paris! even if its cold! How far is Lyon from Paris?
Anyway, gotta go to the travel agency, have to pack!

Cara Bradley said...

Lyon is 244.0 miles( or 392.0 km) south of Paris. It takes 2 hours to get from Paris to Lyon by the TGV (Train de Grand Vitesse/Train of great speed). I have been on it and it is really fun! You go so fast and your ears pop because of the changes in elevation. You don't have time to clear your ears however because it goes so fast you have alredy changed elevation again!

Anonymous said...


the trains sound like so much fun-speeding across the country. they sound like the trains in Japan, i have been talking to my Japanese travel companions about Japan and their public transport system-it is so much better than ours. not only is it always on time-the train drivers feel they are a disgrase if they are even 30 seconds late, but it is apparently so fast it is almost scary-even for my friends who are used to it.

you look so cold especially now that it has snowed-we finally have a hot day in Melbourne-although it is supposed to be thundering tonight and cold again tomorrow but then what can you do. If i could package up a little bit of warmth and send it to you in a bottle i would to help keep you warm-but i havent quite worked out how.

yay for holidays- i can finally sleep in and not feel guilty for it.

We are going to see Harry Potter tonight i have convinced Kenny to see it as he owes me for taking me to see so many scary movies-he is so mean taking people to scary movies when he knows they dont like them-youll have to have words to him about it.

Keep warm my dear friend

Love Rhiannon

drew said...

thats so cool cara, im so jealous! it seldom snows here in naoya but you can bet your bottom dollar i will be running around outside like a madman when it does!!! :)

lynda said...

Hey Cara, Apples was amazed by the snow too. Just another excuse to not go to uni!

She made snowballs, and arse angels, had a great time. She tried to tell me she hadn't seen snow too......But she was only little,We took the kids to the blue mountains,and to Jenolan caves.
Sydney people say they are going to "the snow" It's a fair hike down to the action, some snowfields hardly get any snow if it's not a good season. It's probably a 7 hr drive from Sydney.
Appley's mum

Claire said...

broke my nose was probably a bit of an exaggeration (because that is SO surprising!!!) but there definatly blood, lots and lots of blood.

Just finished a 12 hour shift and came home to check my uni results... I have my distinction average and a car that broke down on the Princes Hwy, in the middle lane. I'm sure I looked very funny soaking wet (it was raining), with mascara pouring down my face (water proof my arse!!) pushing my great beast of a car out of the way of the beeping traffic. They didn't appear to appreciate my observation that if they helped me, I would be out of the way much quicker. I rocked up at work looking like a drowned rat, they were not impressed. But it was a good day, overall.


Cara Bradley said...

Hey RHIANNON! My next dinner in Lyon will probably be Japanese. I have Japanese friends here and I am in the mood for some veggie sushi! You and your exchange student buddies and invited of course! I can't believer Kenny is taking you to see scary movies too! Naughty! You will have to do what I did and ask him 'Ok, can we leave now!' It worked! He hasn't taken me to another...that could be because I am in France! Madman DREW hahaha!!! For some reason I can picture you looking crazed! Hi to APPLES MUMMY! Apple, how cute is that! Arse angels...to me that sounds sooo incredibly Aussie! It's great maaate! Hey CLAIRESSE! hahaha...you? Exaggerate? hahaha...never! Hooray and Congrats for your distinction average and I cannot believe no one helped a cute young lady/damsel in distress with her broken automobile! What is wrong with everyone and where is chivalry huh? Honking?...that's it new bumper sticker 'Chivalry is not honking' or ‘Honking is not chivalrous us’ or how about ‘Honk if you’re not chivalrous’…makes no sense and I love it! P.S.Where is my family and why aren't they commenting....daily? ;-p

Apps said...

arse angels?!


I like it!