Friday, November 25, 2005

Last Weekend:


Friday night: Dinner at Alexandra's place! Alexandra, Alisa, Cara and Jean Remey (a friend of Alexandra's boyfriend Nathan). We dined on salad with amazing dressing (one aspect of good French cusine) and had rivoli baked with bashamel (white sauce) and cheese. Yum!


'And we all fall down' bowling pins! Here is Alisa and I bowling with the French! Beryl (Canada is in there too).

Seb (UK), Andy (UK) and Niki (Aust) at the back with Cara, Alisa (Canada) and Beryl (Canada) at the front (all English speakers!): After bowling it was back to my place for dinner with Seb (UK). We originally planned to watch 'Lost in Translation' (student style-on the lap top).I asked Beryl at bowling if she wanted to come, then Niki and Andy turned up with Frank (German) and David (French) sent Ben a message saying 'Are you at your place? Good me too!'. So 2 became 8!

We laughed and laughed and laughed! Mostly at Alisa's comments! They were SO good people started writing them down! Here is Beryl wiritng down yet another

'Was he Canadian?' 'No, he was just our boss.'
'My bed is long. It's really long. No it really is. All I'm saying is it's really. It is so long I can't roll over.'
AND the all time favourite and definetly highlight of the night which had everyone in histerics:
'If I got rammed from behind right, now I wouldn't get whiplash'

David and Cara (French)...could we smile any more?


Mr David said...

great to see the Aussie flag flying in the background! And so many friends from all over the place! That's the best part of travelling I think, I now have friends in Sweden, Holland, Germany, Slovenia, England, Scotland, USA, and even people from Melbourne and Sydney!! yay

I might have to go and check out sales tomorrow.... it is black friday apparently, like our boxing day sales at home.... Could be a good chance to buy some BIG clothes for the North!

Daddy said...

Big smiles. What an international crew you have! You say they are Canadian but they do not look Canadian??


Cara Bradley said...