Saturday, May 20, 2006

To Munich!

So tomorrow at 10am I will leave Berlin and my newly adopted German fraternity family for Munich! I am getting there by carpool as trains are expensive in Europe (100 Euros for this trip) and the buses are cheaper but also slower and not so flexible. There is a well known site here called ´Mitfahrgelegenheiten´ (a word I am not even going to try and pronounce) which links riders with cars....I can hear my mother panicing already buts its very common, they have offices in the main train stations and its really ok.....and way better then some of the other stuff I have done...hehehe....just kidding MUM (those are the stories I don´t write that you´ll all hear about later when I am home safe and sound and writing my first novel)! So I have arranged it for tomorrow.

Munich is the place of October fest and most Germans tell me that there is not much to see there if it is not October however the southern part of Germany is called Bavaria and there is a bit of a rivalry (and a different accent) between it and the rest of Germany so maybe that has something to do with it! I am staying with my friend Nicole whom I met in Spain. If you look at photos from Valencia I met her the second time I was there and she is playing the guitar in the photos. We were all posterboards for the perfect youth hostel bonding experience and it just gets better that I am goign to visit her now! She is stuying to be a music teacher in Munich! I called her yesterday and she was very happy to hear from me, it´s going to be really fun seeing her again!


Anonymous said...

hey cara.. i had a dream about you the other night!! i was at the airport coming home from somewhere with trent, and then i saw you! so i ditched trent, forgot to pick up my luggage,and hope on a taxi bus with you and dave and a big group of your friends. hmmmm.. strange. maybe i am missing you ??


Anonymous said...

that was meant to read "hopped on a taxi bus".. i'm sure thats what i wrote! will blame the computer xx

Mr David said...

are you going to see johnpun in gundelfingen?

Daddy said...

Your grandmother on my dads side came from the area of Barvaria. I hope that you are taking a lot of photos.


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear cara,
I just recieved a post card from you from barcelona. Its beautiful. You don't know how often I wonder why I ever bothered to come back for the pain and suffering of honours but at least I have andrew. I have itchy feet now and can't wait to get back overseas.
You made it sound like you weren't comming back to must!! So we can play with crazy slinkies and chat and laugh histerically at each other!!
I miss you too!!
But Instead of me eing depressed this winter I'm really happy because mark is coming back in the next few weeks and then you (you are coming back aren't you??)
One month from it up babe while you still can!!
Missing you heaps,

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Looking forward to seeing some photos of Berlin.
Ring when you are with Carola!
Love mom

blue said...

Ello there travelling girl,
Thanks for the postcard that I just got today - which you sent in March?? Boy, post is slow.

I just found this website and thought of you. It's a very Cara-esque website.

Go here -

X-Men 3 is out here on Thursday. I want you to be here so we can see it together :[. Someone really needs to invent teleporters already.

Cara Bradley said...

Hey MICHELLE! Glad to hear you are dreaming about me, you poor dear, missing me so much! DAVE, calling Johnno today. Prob wont go to Gundelfingen as he didnt reccomend it so maybe meet in Heidleberg! DADDY, a grandmother from Barvaria...oh the things your family never tell you! I think I am going to have to get the whole story sometime! Hey LISA!!!! Love you lots and miss u heaps! Keep going with horrible honours, somewhere deep down you love it or maybe you love the end end result. You had to go home to the real world...cant wait to see you in it when I get home! Maybe photos tonight MUMMY!!! BLUE...I want to see Xmen 3 with you sooo badly! We will have to go to a dodgy cheap cinnema still showing it when I get back! Have to Have to! with the Kris-tal!

Cathie from Las Vegas said...

Wait wait wait, Cara's grandmother is Bea. I think you mean your grandmother, her GREAT grandmother. correct? Just being nosey...........I do remember the Bavarian connection tho.......