Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Havar-ing a good time in Havar! haha

The island is beautiful and quite big too. Last night Pauline (French- met her in Budapest and found out we were going to be in Croatia at the same time), Marcus (USA met in Split hostel) and Bryan (Aussie- met in Split hostel) went out for dinner. Drank some wine which I am quite licking I must admit. We then went and partied a bit at the main square right on the water as there was a concert there for the first of May whihc is a holiday here. We hung out at one of the bars right on the water (the town is pretty small so there are not very many) and all tried to find out accmodation again in the dark!

Today, was my first day of nice weather since I left the capital Zagreb. It is nice not to be soggy and the colours here are spectacular. Just add sun! I spent today chilling out and it seems we have quite a big crew for dinner tonight. There is a group of people we met in a bar last night, guys who were in Split and came to Havar earlier and the group of us that travelled over here for dinner together. Should be fun. I will be here tonight too and then visit another island tomorrow. Alright, must go climb up to the castel up the top of the island. Thank you to Havar public library for letting me post this!

Cara who is safe and happy and will go to Germany at the end of the everyone can stop worrying!


blue said...

Heya Caramina,

Sorry I haven't commented in a while, I had a lot of assignments due in recently and now I am sick, so those are my excuses. I'd say more about what's going on in my life, but that's pretty much it.

Sounds like you're having a crazy good time though. I have been barely able to keep up with what country you're in at any given time. I hope we all get to hear more detailed stories when you get home.

Have fun in Germany mon ami. Very witty title by the way ;].

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Your mother is so happy to know that you are safe and will be very relieved when you ring her from Carola's house!
Your mum
P.S. Come home!