Saturday, May 13, 2006

Belgian photos! Cara´s day in Brussels

Cara´s day in Brussels!

The night of arrival: My friend Mike (from Mauritius, met on the train) and I out for a drink meeting Belgians next to us! Everyone was oputside enjoying the nice weather on an intersection with lots of bars. It was very alive.

One day to see it all: I visited la musee de Beaux Arts/Fine Arts museum and saw La Mort de Marat/The death of Marat...which I studied in Histoire de l´Art Contemporain/Contemporary Art History in Lyon. It was a complete surprise. I had no idea it was there. Very cool!

The off to Brussels Park...once again everyone was out enjoying the weather, lounging on the grass. Behind me is Palais de la Nation, Brussels parliamant.

Cara with a really yummy Belgian waffle! YUM YUM YUM! I ate 2 yesterday just to make the most of it. They are so good you don´t need whipped cram, strawberries, chocolate or any of those things.


Mom said...

such pretty pictures, but the
prettiest ones, are the
pictures of you.
Did you get to Amsterdam? Papa
and I were there for a week,&
had a great time.That is where
your wooden shoe came from.

Love you lots, honey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,
My previous comment proves
I have problems responding
to your blog. Where did
"MOM SAID" come from?

Oh well, you know it came
from your Noners.

Love you XXXXXXX


Anonymous said...

mmmm the weather looks so good, it has so turned to winter here-cold and wet really not happy.

Glad to see you are tasting the delights from the places you visit-im sure they are so much better than anything we could get here.

How awsome to be able to see a picture that you studied in your course-lol

See u soon,

Luv Rhiannon

Daddy said...

You know I think that I bought a Belgian waffel maker once. I do not think that it made the same creations that you are eating. Looks good! Do they put Nutella on everything also? I have finished all of my chocolate and tea here and miss Europe.


Anonymous said...

Very happy to have 2 days in your company...'t was very great moments at the see...Ice cream !!!
Sincerely your,

Jayan said...

cool i want a belgian waffle too! looks good!
...i just fell in love with the hannover town hall too!!! its so awesome
im so annoyed this week - i got world cup tickets!!!! but i had to cancel my booking because i'm in australia now, not london. so i'll just have to save up and go to the next one in south africa!


yOuR cOuSiN said...

hmmm...the waffles looks so good you just mad me hungry...i'll have to go and try them someday for myself...


Anonymous said...

the waffles look good.. but can they really compare to donut king? ;)

love michelle

rfahertyin06 said...

hey Cara,
glad to see your still living every second of your trip. Where are you off to next? how mutch longer do you have.
enjoy it all, cuz once your home your home.
send me a postcard from somewhere exotic