Saturday, May 13, 2006

Belgian waffels and Belgian chocolate! and French again!

Hey! So after Hannover I visited Munster and spent a fantastic eveing with my friend Jens and his lawyer freinds...everyone was soo nice and hand picked by Jens for their english speaking abilities. Believe it or not it was the best conversation I´ve had in ages and it was with non native english speakers! I am so lucky!

After that I spent the next day in Cologne and then entered in Belgium to visit the capital Brussels. I spent all of today there and saw it all including alot of Art Nouveau architecture and an exhibition which made me wish I had more time here....always a good thing! I ate Belgian waffels and Belgian chocolate while here and let ,e tell you it was fablous, amazing and incredible to say the least!

Tomorroz off to Amsterdam for 2 days, just a quick visit, and then I fly to Berling early early Monday morning! Forgive all the mistakes in here as I am so tired and also they speak French in Belgium so I am back to the French keyboard however I am loving speaking French again. Tonight I am staying with a Belgian policeman and his son (believe me its a long story but I am not arrested) and I have practised my French all night. They are SO nice! Belgian people are very friendly.

Cara =)


Daddy said...

Staying with the police!!! You have friends in high places. I have seen Belgian on TV and I remember they have cute little hats. Am a right or is that just American TV? There was a big UFO in Belgium almost 15 years ago, ask your host about it.


Cara Bradley said...

Didnt see any cute hats but will investigate! My host doent know either......sorry about that one! And the UFO...apparently wasnt a big the papers a bit I guess. Its hard wriritng in English!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara, it's Allison from Barcelona :)

I went to Belgium a few years ago with my parents and loved Brussels, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Sounds like you're still having an amazing as well as amazingly random time. Policeman and son?

Anywho, you're welcome in Florida as always, but I'll be in Panama from August to December studying, so don't book any flights then :)