Thursday, May 11, 2006

Made in Munster!

Hi everyone! I travelled west in Germany today to Munster where my friend Jens lives. We were at the same uni in Lyon. The train trip here was beautiful! Everything is so green and German countryside is completely underated! There are fields and fields of yellow flowers which I think is is so yellow it contrasts with the dirt around it making the dirt appear violet! The whole countryside was striped with yellow, green and brown. Spring really is fact Jens says that this year the weather went straight from wintrer to summer!

Jens picked me up from the train this afternoon, we got ice cream and walked around the town. Visited the river, lake, church and old part of town. I saw his university and now we are off to what we are calling a BBQ party at his girlfriend Julia´s house! I am doing laundry here and just took a shower! How about that! P.S. I think I fogot my camera cable in Hannover so thats not so good for the photos on the blog idea! oooppps!!! Currently looking for a flight from Brussels to Amsterdam....or trains! =)


Julia said...

Hey Cara,
Well I just caught up with your travels and it sounds like you are as busy as ever. I have a family that I spend time with that are part German. They make a trip there about every other year. I have always enjoyed their pictures. The mom has a bunch of family there, which is why they make the trip. My dad also leaves at the end of the week to go to Spain. It looks like everyone gets to travel except Julia =( . Well unless I come to visit you in Australia. That reminds me, do you know if you are going to be in Australia this Dec.? Or will you be travelling?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my comment, so just to clarify... since I know you have met so many people.

your Cali. friend,

Daddy said...

The German countryside sounds like a painting. I wish that I could see pictures of it. Spring has sprung here to, it was in the high 80s today.


Cara Bradley said...

I will be in Australia on December I think....if u were coming I would definetly be! Planning a visit Julia? You are most most most welcome to come and stay! Sounds fun! We could have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara,
All things in Germany are really beautiful.I envy you so much.Here,Korea,also this wheather went straight from winter to summer,as Germany.Suddenly so hot,Many people are starting to wear the summer clothes.Cara, do you have enough summer clothes?^^When we met in Europe,I remember that you just have one winter outer_maybe black one,didn't you?Anyway,hope to your nice trip.Now, I am waiting m summer holidays.KK^^But,I guess it's not long.--;
Take care,Cara~


ivan said...
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