Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Korculan Photos! hahaha

Cara at church (in Korcula's old town)

This is a the town of Korcula from above. Nice photo if I dont say so myself!

Cara rented a Peugeot Vivacity scooter and crossed the entire island of Korcula to visit the town on the other side of the island! YAY! And I drove through a town called....CARA!!! (ok, in all honesty the accent on the top of the C renders a different pronunciation but I am still ecstatic!


daddy said...

Great photos!!! I love the town sign! To bad you could not take it home and hang it on the wall!!! The city looks very pretty.

Love daddy

Anonymous said...

Hey I love the photos, oh if we could all find a town with the same name as us!!!! sounds like it was the most amazing place with fantastic senery-and yes that photo is lovely cara!!!

see u soon


Claire said...

MMMDDDRRR! la tete que tu as sur la photo!!!! ;)