Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Off to Munster!

Hello! So I have done Hannover and am off to Munster today to visit and stay with my freind Jens whom I was on exchnage with in Lyon. He was the diver and instigator of the St Etienne trip that I did when in France! That was an incredible may remember the photos with autumn leaves and a cascade (waterfall). It will be nice to see him. After that the plan goes continue west to Brussels, and then who knows. Amsterdam? Swisterland? Copenhagen? But the plan is to end up back in Munich and then go north to Heidelburg and Frankfurt where I fly out and where Sam (a friend on exchnage with Melb Uni) and Carola (my step dads cousin who came out for the wedding and is soo nice and excited to have me spend time with her family). YAY!

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