Saturday, May 27, 2006

Photos of Budapest that were never shown before!

Yes, gasp! It's exclusive Budapest photos! (no, not back in Budapest just sharing the love from afar!)

Cara on the Danube River (second longest river in Europe) with Budapest's Parliament in the background (third biggest parliament in the world they told me on the tour!) Oh...just overflowing with facts!

Cara post bathing (that bathing is said with a very posh accent and a hand gesture to accompany) at the Gellért Turkish Bath! This is the most famous in Budapest and you will see it in pictures everwhere! So much fun! I went into the women's bath and swam naked! Lovely feeling minus bathers! It had to be often do you get to do that!?!

Cara and the Citadel. I can't help thinking is cute (and very cool) because it reminds me of a sand castle ('s so cute! pinches widdle castle's widde cheeks) but in fact it is a serious fortress built in the mid 1800's atop Castle Hill (also called Gellért Hill)....serious! Castle Hill is on the west side of the river which is the Buda side and from the hill you can look east and see all of Pest below you. Great view, especially in the evening sunset or at night as I saw it.

I met some American girls in the hostel bathroom (I swear I could meet anyone anywhere) who were on on exchange in Malta. Here we are having afternoon tea after high powered sight seeing around Budapest for the day. Cara, oops...I forget, Anne, Jamie!

So this was the best train trip ever...and it wasn't due to the alcohol! The journey from Budapest to Zagreb with complete train randoms (from L to R) Staffan (Sweeden), Heather and Nicole (USA) was so much fun I didn't want to get off the train! You will notice in the photo we are all holding someone else's passport! Staffan's was the best passport photo I had ever seen and definetly not a photo that would be deemed offical by Australian standards! So funny!


Daddy said...

The Danude is huge!!!! I though that the rivers in Europe were large!!! wow. looks like a beautiful city.


Mr David said...

Hello from Australia! Have you seen much world cup excitement building in Germany? It is amazing here in Australia, the media actually is paying attention to soccer! It's going to be so much fun.... Jayan and I are brewing special world cup beer for our Australia match parties! lol see you at the airport!

Cara Bradley said...

The Danude is huge and I have seen it in at least 3 countries so I feel pretty well travelled! The world cup excitement in Germany is crazy! Everywhere you go there are flags and banners and t-shirts, mugs and fabric....its nuts!