Sunday, December 18, 2005

Up late!

Had dinner at Beryl's (Canada) tonight. It was kind of a mix of events. I planned Japanese dinner with Alisa (Canadian ut with Japanese parents) and then we moved it to Beryl's qnd lots of people turned up and there were like 10 people for dinner in the end. Alisa and I planned and made tempura and sushi! Yum and vegetarian!

Ate random asian dishes tonight with random freinds. Ate too much chocolate! Found moulding and worm eaten food in Beryl's host family's cuboards. No there were actually live little worms in there! She was scared and I laughed so hard I cried! Going to Austria for Christmas. 18hrs in the train seems to be the best option! How is that possible. My english spelling is getting bad with all this French! Currently listening to M..French music. Night!=)


kristel said...

hello mon ami..
thats gold! real worms! how fun/scary!
an hour 18 train trip to austria.. thats a loooong train trip!
find someone fun and nice to sit next to and it will fly by!
only a week till christmas! yay! how exciting!
i miss u
love kris =)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found somewhere to spend christmas-are you staying with friends there?

I cant believe how quickly Christmas has arrived-only days till I go away I am so happy and cant wait.

I dont know whether you have heard but there are rasist riots in Sydney at the moment, I sure hope that they are finished by the time we get there.

Love Rhiannon

Clay said...

Worms...mmmm I wonder what kind. moth, beatle, not butterfys would that be great if all worms turned in to butterflys we would never have to clean the cupboards.

I have a rant to publish, something that I have been thinking about:

Man is typically ruled by superstition until science and knowledge disprove superstition.
For example, primitive man fears a solar eclipse as if god or some evil force took away the sun. Science discovers that it is really the moon that is located between the sun and the earth and it is this, which causes the sun to disappear. We now, no longer have to fear or worship the power that removed the sun. We come to understand it in it’s context (conceptual thinking) and look at it as understandable…. but it can still awe the mind to see one.

What is interesting is that we occupy a very small place in the universe. The surface of the planet is a very small office space in which we define all of reality. Our god is apparently a gray bearded man that looks very much like ourselves (if you are a white male), and why not? We created him he might as well look like us… Maybe he should look like a whale or maybe even something non-living like the Grand Canyon…Lets not take relativity to the extreme. But I digress, what about the idea that knowledge is as infinite as the universe. It is a good bet that the universe is a good deal more complex than we can imagine. If it is, then we will always have superstition that surrounds the unknown and hence fear and worship will probably always be with us. Would it not be a more progressive to approach the unknown with an objective mind and let it be as it is…phenomenon? Why must we label it and assign characteristics to it. An open and objective mind would consider it as something that we do not know. It exists weather we are here or not, weather we experience it or not. Our ego wants to label it, in order that we understand it and maybe if we are real arrogant we will try and control it! That was a survival game that we needed to play in the past in order to live another day, let’s grow up!

The real challenge is to set aside our ego and not experience worship or superstition but be amazed at what the universe has to offer and accept it as an occurrence. This leaves us in an uncomfortable juxtaposition and with confusion because we have always been taught that we are supposed to have an opinion…just look at Oprah or Ricky Lake and watch how often the audience claps or boos to express their opinion and feelings. After all, its all relative and every opinion is just as important as every other one…. but mine is the most important because it was from me and I am the center of the universe…Even Einstein proved that! As all things are relative.

I am not trying to tell you what the truth is. I will say that our society has incorporated many scientific truths into daily living and has accepted them as truth. Even extreme relativity freaks and “Born Again Christians” have accepted not only humanism and jesus (I chose to spell this with a little j as it is all relative), but also use computers and modern cars that are the result of truths of science. They do not know it but they have been corrupted and they are affirming science as the great unifying truth!!!

I am not giving you a belief system. What I can offer you is the canvas that the belief system is painted or projected on. The canvas is the physical construct of the universe, the fabric that everything is made from, and the four forces in physics that govern our four-dimensional space-time. What you do with it is up to you. You may paint or project any picture that you want. It can be a beautiful dream or a nightmare. That is the illusionary and relative aspect to this process. Each projection or painting is relative because it is our vision of axioms onto the blank canvas. The important aspect is to remember that it is just a projection and is illusionary and not doctrine. I am not sure that doctrine exists outside of a construct that is a fabrication of an individual’s perspective, but that will start another argument!

Next up! What is the ultimate truth or is there any?

dorisg. said...

Xmas In Austria!
Hi, Cara, this is your host mum (mom). it will be special for us having you here! It will be hilarious, as you can use English, German or French language - whatever you like! I lived in Paris for a while and Anna was a rotary exchange in France as well.
We are expecting you. Will celebrate Xmas the Austrian traditional way: Illuminating the tree when it gets dark, the tree, that is set up just shortly before to be a surprise for everyone; then carol singing and story telling, some presents afterwards and good food with champagne. if you like, you could go to midnight mass, which is sort of solemn - concerning me, I shall play it by ear whether I´m still up to or too tired!
some Japanese students will also be there and 9yr old Jonathan, the actual reason to set up the Xmas show.
Have a good journey to Vienna

Mr David said...

Hey Cara,

I feel like I'm in Austria!! Here in upstate NY there are massively tall pine trees and snow on everyones rooves! It's really fantastic to see, you'll love Austria. I have a friend in Innusbruck (spelling?) now so I might have to go there for winter one day!

Going to NYC tomorrow.... going to play the massive keyboard at FAO Schwarz and go the the Empire State!

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Please send us the details of your train arrival and departure stations, times etc.
Hope you have a lot of fun. Sleep on top of your bag!
Don't talk to strangers!

Claire said...

Winter in Austria sounds good. Sing Edel Wiess. 18 hours is nothing. Take a harry potter book and discover the life story of the person in the next seat and you'll be wishing for more time.

Christmas is 5 days away and I'm am so over it!!! I have been listening to the same "Spirit of Christmas" CD at work for 5 weeks straight. If I hear Tina Arena sing "Silent Night" one more time I may kill someone. Especially the customer today who tried to return her Magic 8 Ball because it didn't predict the future accuratly! It's a toy, not a oracle!!!! I refused to serve her. I'm beginning to get picky about who deserves my service and who doesn't.

Grandma and Grandad arrived safely and I love having them her. They keep asking after you and saying how cold it was in Europe. They also appear to be a lot older than I remember them. Time sucks.

Love you


FrenchAlex said...

hey, blondy cheerful melbournian girl!!!
I'm sorry I didn't show up on past saturday and I am soory if my spelling sucks, at least I am practicing.

I don't know if you're already gone to Austria and if you can check your blog there. If it's the case, I wish you a merry christmas and a fun time, I hope it's not too cold.

I really don't wanna miss you when you'll come back in Lyon. Send me a sms so that I will be able to say goodbye.
You have no idea how I'm glad to have met you. You're very special, light and funny and I don't wanna loose you if I'm not going to Melbourne next year. You gave me your uni mail but it's not working, I don't know the hell why.

Anyway I won't let you go whithout making you a big french kiss (on the cheek of course but with lot of saliva..) and a huge hug!

Ring me when you're back.

Miss you, enjoy your trip!!!