Friday, December 30, 2005

Okay, so I am in here in Corinthia staying with Anna's Dads best friend's (Christine) family. They are all really really nice and it has been a relaxing few days. I arrived in Tues afternoon and will leave tomorrow (Friday afternoon). Southern Austria is colder then northern Austria (where Vienna is) wacko is that! We have had a meter of snow at least since I have been here. I got to shovel snow too this evening! With a real shovel! I talked with Judith (Chritine's brothers wife) who said that they have not had this much snow since Christophe (her son) was a toddler. He is my age so this is the most snow since the mid 80's! The temperature is usually warmer when it snows...u know traps in the heat and all that jazz!

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