Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Start of 24 hours of Birthday Celebrations!

Ben took me to dinner on Wednesday night for pre-birthday celebrations! We ate at this REALLY REALLY cute little cafe on the presqu'ile (almost island) which is the middle of the city! He is SO nice! What a nice thing to do!

Here is one of the cutest resturants in the world!

Me with my first piece of birthay cake!

Here are the presents that arrived the day before my birthday! Luckily was Ben was home to collect them (if they won't fit in your letter box you have to go to the post office and collect them) and they were waiting on my bed when we got home from dinner!


Daddy said...

Hey! that resturant kind of looks like my kitchen!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cara, I hope that it is a really good one! Do not party too much.

Love Daddy

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Cara!

Apps said...

I enjoyed your party, very good at keeping it under wraps so we could actually move around!!

you were right by the way, if i waited any longer i think i would have NOT got ed home!! he almost fell down your stairs and got hit by a car as it was oops!

ps. tmoppp

Clairess said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope you had a wonderful birthday and an awesome party and do not listen to your father and party like a wild banshee women. (What is a banshee, anyway?? I don't know for sure but I know that they like to party!!)


Gigi said...

Belated Happy Birthday from NJ! We thought of you as Jeanna celebrated her 21st on the 4th! I remembered your birthday was just after hers. Wow.. time flies. I bet your mom and dad can hardly believe you're 21, as well!

If you're interested, I've posted some photos of the celebration for Jeanna at Mt. Fuji - a great Japanese place... we'll take you there next time you come through here! It was a fun family and friend get-together, including our little cousin, Adam, having his 12th b'day. (He's the one who lost his big brother in the war.)

Well, it looks as if everyone was having fun birthdays!