Monday, December 26, 2005

Cara's current dilemas

I am currently sitting at Anna's parents house (Anna lives in an appartment in 'shouting distance' as her mother says). It got dark here at about 4:15pm! So early! Jonathan (Anna's little brother) is watching 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' or 'Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens' in the backgound in German...I wish I understood more.

I am a bit lost and wondering what to do about things today....Christmas cheer gone so soon hey? I am looking for flights and modes of transport on the internet to get to who knows where for New Years. Anna is working until midnight on New Years (something she didn't know until a few days ago) and her parents are heading off to the snow on the morning of New Years eve for their annual snow trip. So unless I want to be by myself until after midnight I need to go somewhere. But where?

The options seem to be Barcelona with Ben (housemate) or London to visit and party with Dhivya. I would have accmodation in both places (Barcelona is a bit more complicated in that respect) but the problem seems to be transport. It is all very expensive and I am not sure about either destination. I could return to Lyon and celebrate there (I think the majority of people are still travelling and all European students ahve gone home for both Xmas and New Years). I would like to stay in Austria with Anna but being alone for the count down dosen't sound very fun. I have to find transport back to Lyon regardless and I am tired of searching endless websites for flights and prices and trying millions of variables of planes and trains. Vienna to London, too expensive (as is Vienna to Barcelona) ...try another combination. Vienna to Milan then Milan to London? Not good. Budapest to London? Cheaper. Except how do I get to Budapest? Trains to Budapest are not on my French sncf site so by the time I get there it may cost the same expensive prices as the easier options. Maybe don't even fly out of Vienna. Train it to another Austrian city first? More options! Oh the joys of0 travelling (YAY) in many options (wonderful) so complicated (not so wonderful).

And meanwhile I need to be studying for my Fine Arts subject, Contemporary Art Subject and French Grammer....something which I find very very hard and just can't seem to grasp. As my French teacher said 'You speak well but you do so badly in tests. Why is that?'


Daddy said...

Hi! Cara! Sorry that the holidays took a turn. Maybe if you go back to Lyon some of your friends maybe back early. You would be home to do some studing.

I opened Dave's present and it was so good! pepper things, I have always said that your collections choose you and not the other way around.

I hope that you work it out and I have tried to call you many times but I have had no luck getting through. Merry Christmas!!!

Love Daddy

kristel said...

hello lovely..
i kno what u should do for new years.. come home!! lol..
but hmmmm that may be a tad more expensive then going to london or anywhere else in europe. lol..
cara: no matter where u are and what u are doing u are going to have fun! its you! u ALWAYS have fun! even if u are randomly stuck on a train/plane u will start chatting to someone and have a great time!
go to paris mon ami!! havent u always wanted to be near the eiffel (spelling!) tower on new years?! this is ur opportunity to do that.. it would be a great atmosphere there too..
love kris =)

blue said...

Hey you,

I'm with Kris, I'm sure you'll firgure something out and end up having a lot of fun. I have no plans myself as yet for New Years, but I had a pretty good Christmas. The parentals are so obsessed with bikes they bought me a new one (amusing no?). I have no excuses not to ride to school next year.

Hope you're having a good time, despite your dilemmas. I'm sure it'll all work out!

Mr David said...

Paris would be fantastic!! It's one of those few places in the world that are ALWAYS on the tv for new years..... New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney..... I'd like to go to a few of them for new years.... I might be doing New York this year...

Lots of love,

Claire said...

i'm with kris, blue and dave. Paris sounds awesome!!!! The Eiffel tower supposedly goes off at New Years.

i have plans for new years but not the money for the celebrations. One more day and pay will finally be in!!! Thank god! Hope you had a great christmas despite some worrying moments. Talk soon.


Apps said...

hey Cara think i will be in Lyon for xmas

or maybe i'll be up for a trip to Paris

he he he