Wednesday, December 14, 2005

S'up Cara?

Had a great Brithday (photos to go up soon). Party was good. Would had been even better if some people had turned up earlier (made me nervous that no one was going to come) and oh yeah...if someone had NOT stolen my camera....impossible since I knew everyone there and there are no suspetcs but yeah...

Went to Switzerland randomly on Sunday To Geneva. The word COLD once again springs to mind. It is now cold again Lyon...for a while it wasnt too bad! Sorry no photos since I was WITHOUT A CAMERA! Did a police repot in French when I got back to Lyon for Insurance.

Currently working on Van Gogh essay for Contemporary Art History, Essay on Portugal to hand in, really need to stuy French Grammer as I can take some practise tests this week, finding cheap flights to get to Austria and trying to figure out where I am going to be for New Years! Must ask Alisa to cut my hair (don't trust the French hair dressers), burn Claire's french CD's and mop the floors after e not so clean party! Go shopping for new camera too (oh joy, oh expensive). Niki and I are meeting tomorrow for lunch and are making veggie curry. I hope to study for my other Art subject and FRENCH. Thursday is studying Art Plastique/Fine Art with Becky (UK) during the day and hot chocolate/Harry Potter in english hopefully in the evening with Kathryn (Canada-met her through her Mum in Annecy). Friday is a Christmas dinner with some of the girls (exchange students). Need to make Chrissie cards and decorated cup cakes as presnts I have decided....but when? And boo hoo no camera to document it all.....=(


Daddy said...

That really sucks that someone stole you camera!!!!!!!! I hope that you can find something affordable to replace it.

Cut your hair, not too much I hope?

Here is the recipe for Lentals

Rinse 10oz bag of lentils.
Boil 20 minutes.

In blender or you may have to chop...
1 small red onion.
2 small bunches of parsley
3 cloves of garlic.
1/4 cup of olive oil.
drizzle balsamic vinager.

Mix with lentils.
Add 6oz of feta cheese and some Kalamata olives.
Salt and pepper to taste (needs some salt).

Hope that the things that I send work out.

Love Daddy

Anonymous said...

thats no good about your camera-it a pity you will miss out on all the lovely photos to document what you have been up to.

I hope you find something nice to do for new years-i am spending mine on Norfolk island as it is the day we arrive-it should be interesting at least.

only 2 more weeks and i leave for Sydney on the way to Norfolk-yay i am finally getting to go away.

I passed all my subjects at uni so i thankfully only have the 2 to make up-still waiting to hear if i have got in-if not i will look at the subject you suggested-Melb Uni is so slack.

Hope you have some luck finding a new camera and that its not too expensive.

Glad to hear you are still doing random travel.

Love Rhiannon

Mr David said...

I might have to use that recipe when I get a kitchen!! Although a small red onion in California is quite big!!

I've got a great picture of Clay with a Californian red onion - it's like a basketball!

Switzerland sounds very pretty, we'll just have to imagine what it looks like!

daddy said...

Watch out for the laptop!!! That would be horrible!


Apps said...

Hey Cara, I'm so sorry about your camera, seriously thinking of getting hypnotised so i can remember exactly where i put it when i was in the kitchen... maybe it will magically turn up in the future then you will get to keep your insurance-paid camera and your old one!! that would be some good to come of it!

Sorry for my part of the mess too in ur place! when i head off it looked like a bomb hit it! I did though start throwing out beer bottled... like 10 of em dotted across the house.... there was probably another 50 by the time everyone left!!!

Good luck with all ur work, i swear i picked the best subjects, i have almost nothing to do now until jan! yeeehaaa!!

catch u soon!

Apps said...

did you check in the oven????

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting site for travelers....

Wish I knew about it when I was young, single and travelling


Cara Bradley said...

Thanks for the recipe Daddy! I have a blender too! Shame about the camera and I am watching the lap top so don't worry! Sounds like an interesting New Years Rhiannon! Sad Goodbyes for Miami David? Yes, it's a pity Apps. Thanks for the website Lew...I will have to check it out further.

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Some friend! And on your birthday!
Glad they didn't take your lap top! Look for the 'friend' who is 'too busy ' to get together...
Love you,

Clairess said...

It appears things are disappearing all over the place because someone also stole my grandmothers ring that I received for my 21st. Damn jeweller had it in his car glove box, because that is such a smart place to put a priceless family heirloom. That isn't even yours!!!

Okay, just had to get that out. The recipe sounds interesting, revolting but interesting. But then i have never been a lentils girl. Must go, I have tickets to see GREEN DAY for TONIGHT and my grandma and grandad have flown over today from England to spend christmas with us.

Love you heaps and heaps