Friday, December 30, 2005

Cara's future *mystical music plays in the background*

I think everyone one is curious about what I am doing after Lyon so here's the plan man! My last exam is my French exam (Oh la la!) on January 15th and then I hope to go work for Shaggy (Patrick my step Dad has a best freind named Franco, whose daughter Simone lives in Italy and knows Shaggy) who owns both a resturant/wine bar and a discotheque/club. The job is to work between the two venues over the period of the 2006 Winter Olympics (official dates are 10 - 26 February 2006) held in Turin, Italy this year. While Turin (Turino in Italian) is the official city I dont think hardly any events will be hjeld there as it is a city and not so good for skiing right? Most events will be held about a hour out by train in the Sestriere/Cesana region and other surrounding areas. The venues are in Sestriere and have been chosen as the official hang out spot for the American Winter Olympic team. Cool huh?

I am currently waiting to hear from Shaggy about what happens next! Here is the last thing I have heard on Friday, 16 December 2005 8:41:42 PM

To : 'Cara Bradley'
Subject : C.V

Hi Cara

Thanks for your C.V, i only received it yesterday, Italian Post is very slow.

My partner and me are very interested in you working for us from mid January, I am just trying to sort more staff accommodation out at the moment. As soon as that is sorted I will get back to you with further details, in the mean time if you have any questions please feel free to email me. Regards, Shaggy

I asked about the duration of the position, uniforms (I need to know what to bring with me from Lyon) and acouple of other things that I can't remember! So there you have it....fingers crossed!


daddy said...

I hope that shaggy is not shaddy. I hope that you get the job. It sounds like it would be a great experience. If you work in the bar area watch out for the grabby hands!!!

Love Daddy

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

What is the plan if you do not get the job in Tourin ?
When do you have to leave France?

Cara Bradley said...

It would be great Daddy! My fingers are crossed. If I don't get the job I will start travelling as I originally intended. Or I can find work elsewhere. London or Simone says she may have friends in a French town across the border. I don't have to leave France until my visa runs out in March and then I can stay for another 3 months if I would like without a visa.