Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hi ho Hi ho it's off to South Austria I go!

I have to rush off as I am leaving for South Austria tomorrow at 8am! Opportunity came a knocking and I and running with it. Anna's Dad Joe is from the South of Austria and his son will travel there tomorrow...meeee too! Joe has called a close friend there and it is all set that I will stay with her family! We are going to go see a glaciure (spelling!) and then I rendez vous with Anna's family (minus Anna who will still be in Vienna) en rote for their snow trip. We will ahve lunch together and then then Joe's son and I will head back to Vienna. I have decided to stay here for New Years! I am happy to have made a decision...any decision but I am not ready to leave Vienna yet...not before New Years. I may count down with Anna's friend Muriel in the city where there are concerts and things and then meet up and party with Anna after!

I promise I will post Chrissie photos soon....it dosen't help that I don't have my own camera to quickly chuck some on the net but I will work on it and will buy a camera before leaving Vienna! hummm....must book that transport!


Daddy said...

Sounds like a good plan! Have fund in the south but somehow I would guess that it is not much warmer.


Anonymous said...

hey i am so glad you have worked out what you are doing for new years, it sounds like you will have a fantastic time.

I leave tomorrow morning, an 8.15 flight-too early considering i am not at home, and am working tonight until 9 and have yet to think about packing-hmmm organisation.

Have a fantastic new years, as i wont be able to post until i get back in the new year.

Love Rhiannon

Mr David said...

Hey! at least you are sorted out! I have no idea what I am doing for NYE!

Better go book something I guess!


Anonymous said...

Hello to our "BABY GIRL"

Love from Nonie and Papa