Thursday, October 27, 2005

Photos of my wonderful day

My friend Alexandra on the left (French) et Alisa (Canadian) on the right

The second 'natural curiosity' for the day. A cross between a giant pile of rocks and a curious! I like it!

The group atop the second 'natural curiosity' (left to right): Alisa, Jens, Moi, Sebastian et Mathise. This shot looks like a post card with everyone placed so nicely.

The most beautiful Autumn leaves I've ever seen. This is the part where we all stopped and got out of the car with our cameras.

The thrid 'natural curiosity'. A cascade/waterfall. Look at the hillsides behind us, covered in colours. This waterfall was extraodinary and different to any others that I have seen. Tired in levels and 'fat' if you can describe a waterfall as overweight.

Alisa and Cara is a castel built atop this jagged rock in the background. Incredible! I've never seen anything like it and Alisa siad it was Mordor from Lord of the Rings.

The last town we stopped at night on our way home. It's amazing. I've never seen anything like it. A church perched on a giant rock or as I like to say a rocky outcrop that goes up instead of out!

The Cara at night in her natural habitat.


naomi carrier said...

You look like you are having such an amazing time. I am both extremely proud and jealous of you and all the exciting adventures you are pursuing in your life. Good for you for following your dreams. Be sure to check out some great French Bistros for me, take some notes..:) I am honored to call you family. I love you.

Your favorite cousin..:)

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

My mimi,
Lovely! Stunning...and you look beautiful. We miss you.
Love from us

Gigi said...

It's great to see you having such fun times. Your photos are beautiful. However, I do keep wondering how it is you're finding time to be a student as you seem to be such a full time sightseer!! Keep it up! NY & NJ are gloomier than when you were here... Fall has finally arrived. I'll keep checking here to see what adventures you're up to. Take care.
Love from NJ - USA,

Anonymous said...

wow those photos are just amazing i am so jealous, i would love to have been there

i love the colours in the autumn leaves, if only we got them here

Hope you find time to do some actual study-i cant believe tomorrow is my last day of semester, only 2.5 weeks left and i have finishe my exams-ahhhh

Keep up the travelling, dont let uni get in the way of it

Love Rhiannon

Emily said...

Hi Cara,

Yay more photos! You look raidant my dear and everything looks very happy and relaxed!

Keep up the great work

Hugs from EM

Julia said...

Hello Cara,
I loved all the photos! The landscape is so very pretty, I bet it was even better in person. You seem to be doing a lot of sight seeing... when do you have time for school work?
Well, I hope that you are doing good. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

Your Cali friend,

p.s- since you posted all these photos you reminded me about the pictures you borrowed from me of our 5th grade Angel Island trip. So I was just wondering where those pictures are now? are you still holding onto them (it is okay if you are)?

Daddy said...

Love the photos!!!! It looks like you are having the time of your lift. I hope that you are getting enough protein???? Drink plenty of milk I know that you are not eating meat. I just had to say that, I worry about you. There was a spot on the news about people on diets losing their hair due to a lack of nutrients, got me to thinking that might be my problem.

Love Daddy

Claire said...

Screw school work!!! You're in France and everyone is telling you to lock yourself inside and study! Well, don't you listen to them Cara Bradley, you have many more wonderful days and live it up! Maybe you should drop out??? Okay, maybe you shouldn't drop out but I'm sure its hard to concentrate surrounded by all that Frenchness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara,
Clay gave me your blog address and I spent a bit of time catching up w/ your travels. What a great adventure! That is a beautiful picture of you w/ your 2 friends (the latest one)!
I hope you can make it back to Las Vegas someday and we will go up to the top of the Stratosphere. I went up last week (1149 ft)at night and the view was amazing! I think of you everytime I go to a buffet and see the cookies.
I only have 4 kinds of cheese in my refrigerator @ the moment but I may have to take you on w/ your bet. Altho I don't know about un-pastuerized (??) sounds bad.
Have a fabulous time!!!!