Sunday, October 16, 2005

My first time in Italy!!!

I am in Italy everyone and I cannot believe it! I randomly decided to come and visit Simone (family friend) in Italy for the weekend with Niki! We got a lift to Annecy, spent the night there and then took the train into Italy (with a stopover in Chambery). It's the first time that I have visited a forigen country where I do not speak the language! I am in Torino which is near the French border. I thought my French would help me a bit here but that doesnt seem to be the case so much! I leave for Lyon tomorrow at 9:30am so I will post more info about this TURLY crazy adventure soon. This trip has been the most random and crazy so far!
Cara =)


Mr David said...

omg! that's so exciting! Good job on the random travels, I am jealous that you can go to so many places in such a short time!

Have you read the new Potter yet? Seems like you have had many train trips to read on! Hope you are enjoying everything!

lots of love

Claire bear said...

You are unbelievable!!! I wish I had your courage. Promise me that you will go to spain, espcially Madrid. I'm going through a spanish thing at the moment and considering you are so close to everything that matters.

Are you missing australia at all? I hope not because you can't afford to spend valuable european time thinking about aussies, although we are with you wherever you go.

I have officailly defered from uni in preparation for my own adventure, nothing stopping me now, except a serious lack of funds. Oh well, christmas at myer will fix that.

Love you lots


Anonymous said...


Yay to more random travelling, by the time you eventually come home you should have seen a lot of different places at the rate your going.

Cant wait to hear about all your random trips, still waiting for some more info on how nice was.

Love Rhiannon

Emily said...


Wow you crazy girl you are so lucky to be able to just pop off to Italy whenever you feel like it!

I'm sure that your clever enough to pick up the language as you go...are the italians friendly? Did you spend the weekend eatintg lots of pizza & pasta? What else are the Italians famous for? I'll look forward to hearing about everthing...

Hope your taking good care of yourself all the same and stay safe

Hugs from EM