Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cara getting her first packages in Lyon!

Here is Cara with first mail ever!!!! SOOO excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cara: I love your pictures. You look so good. I'm so glad you went to Italy. Torino is close to where my grandpa was from. I was there and I love Italy. France looks so inviting. I wish I could come and spend time w/you and see all the sights.

Let me know what you can use over there, and I will send it to you. How is school going?


Mr David said...

Hey Cara!

Someone beat me to it! damn, I have some fun stuff here to send you but I am lazy and haven't posted it yet! doh! It will be on it's way soon.... how exciting is getting stuff from home?? my packages from home always make my day! last week I got chocolate and a thing to make eggs in the microwave! how fun! Anything you are missing from the U.S.?? Let me know before I send your package!

Daddy said...

Hey it looks like my rush package is on top!!!! I hope that you like the socks!!!


Daddy said...

Is the international language of the postal service FRENCH!!!


Apps said...

hey cara your trip down south looked awesome!
geez how come i didnt know about it eh? tell me when you are planning another trip ok cos i REALLY WANT TO COME!!! i've decided STUFF BUDGETING i am going to fill my credit card with unneccary travel. london this weekend. where we going next weekend? or maybe the weekend after :-P

Apps said...

hrm... did you know i call myself apps? maybe not...? lol

Anonymous said...

hey Cara, its amazing that you can just hop on trains and be in completely different countries for the weekend! You look like your having an incredible trip :)It takes a lot of courage to do what you have done, i dont think i could do it,you should be very proud!:)Have fun and take care
Luv Lauren

Claire said...

Hey cara,

Did you get my letter. I'm guessing you didn't because I just rechecked the postal I sent it to the wrong address. It may be worth asking your neighbours, if they have a letter from a weird australian girl talking about exams and the like. Okay i am sending you another one and am currently organising you a care package to send over for you 21st. I still think it sucks that your spending your 21st alone, well not really ALONE... but you know what I mean.

Love you lots