Sunday, October 09, 2005


Cara, Natalie(USA), Rita (Aust), Greta (Aust) and Kate (USA) departing for Nice on the 9:15am train. YAY!

Me and the Nice sunset our first day there.

A Saturday morning book market in Nice at le Palais du Justice!

Rachael (UK), Nikki (Aust), Jane (Canada) and Cara at the Saturday flower market (which also has all sorts of food and art). These 3 girls are not in the photo at the start as they were in the 2nd wave and arrived friday night instead of firday afternoon.

Morning of departure. Goodbye Central Nice.


Anonymous said...

hey nice looks so beautiful-such a cute little place

Keep up the travelling girl


Mr David said...

Looks beautiful! Hope you had lots of fun.... looks like something out of Amelie! Pierre told me that the place they filmed Amelia - Montmatre - is in the middle of Paris and he has been to a lot of the famous places in the film!! You have to get a photo of yourself in the coffee shop!

Blue said...

Nice does look nice...funny that ay? Also looks like a relaxing place - more relaxing than the sometimes chaotic Lyon I imagine.

Cara Bradley said...

Hey RHIANNON! Will do! Maybe to Italy for the weekend...fingers crossed! BLUE, Lyon is not too bad in the chaotic way it's just that my life here is permanently disorganized...a fact I blame on French bureaucracy! Nice was a nice break though! DAVE-A photo in the coffee shop! For sure! And every other single place I can find where Amelie was filmed! I found an Amelie book's like 35 Euros (55 AUD) but it loks is of course all in French which is good and yet bad....hummm...

Claire said...

Hey Cara,

Nice does look stunning. Apparantly lots of very famous French people holiday there, do you see any one glam???? You seeing the locations of Amelie must be dream come true. Are there any plans for a trip to Paris in the near future?

Keep your spirit up