Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ma vie quotidenne/ Daily life

Rode to uni. Today I went to my FLE class and did my expose oral on Midnight Oil. Didn’t go as well as I wanted it to since the ipod wouldn’t actually play the music so I don’t think anyone knew what I was talking about. Then, since I had my lap top I went on wireless internet at uni! Found a class room all to myself, what luck since they seem to lock them all and looked at mail without having to sign up at the computer lab! A worthless process of French bureaucracy which involves you having to line up, have your student card taken and the details written down and then being assigned to a computer. And there are 2 people working in each small computer room who know nothing about computrers! Maybe if they worked in the offices then something would get done here faster then a snails pace. Then I rode North to Lyon 1 to once again battle it out and try to find a science class. I want to know if it’s a option or not. I want to know. So I went to Microbiology in Apitheatre 3. Snuck in the back and ate a bagette sandwich while listening to a French professor talk about transcription and translation. Hearing ‘le sigma factor’ and ‘le promoter’ made me laugh…on the inside. Try saying topoisomerses 5 times fast with an accent Francais. After speaking with some girls I found out that you have to do this class both mon avo and tues morning which doesn’t work with my schedule. I then went to the lab/prac just to see what it was like. The guy running it said I shuld come back and see after the prac, which finishes at 7!!!! Oh I walked out of there so happy that I could clearly not have to do anything there! It’s a pity beacsue I like the capus, it is more open and spacious and the people eem freiendly and more casual too. Its more backpacks and jeans rather then hand bags and heals. Lyon had business subjects and I think that snobs them up a bit. Also, the trams drive right through the university which is a bit fn. So I left for Lyon 3, stopped at Niki’s on the way but she was absent. Went to the bank, they think it’s odd that I have still I haven’t received mine. I don’t, C’est la France! Chatted to people and looked to make another ppointment for mon carte de sejour (the card that gives me money for housing) but of course the person I needed to speak to wasn’t there! C’est la France! I went to Rachel’s and swapped Nice/Marsaille photos. Then road to Part Dieu to meet up with the Italien’s and Nikki to shop for this evenings Oven Party (none of the residences have ovens so I decide to have a small oven party to celebrate and the Italien love the idea since they both love to cook). Marta, Lara (with a rolling r) Nikki and I bought yummy things and went back to mine to cook. We made 2 quinces – the first with layers of cheese (emmental, motarella and bree-trois fromage is very popular here), mushroms and prosciutto and the second with veggies, cheese and for desser chocolate cake! All baked! It was SO good! Yum. All those cheese! Walked the Italiens to the train, chatted with Nikki, ummmed to the Budda in a shop window, returned home, checked out traveling and talked way to late into the night!

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