Monday, October 10, 2005


Cara on the tarin to Marseille.

Arriving at Marseille.

The Vieux Port of Marseille.

The girls and I are lost!

The church is on the top of a hill whihc has panaramic views of all of Marseille. Incredible.

Vieux Marseille- I fell in love with this place. At first it looked a little dinky but it is a photophers dream.


Dave's Dad said...

Hi Cara,

Now, I am a little confused! I thought you were in France for "le study".. All you seem to be doing is "le touring". Le ce que? (said he, trying to do his best Rove impersonation without any language skills)

You look like you are having a super time. Keep it up and stay safe.

Love Frank and Julie

Anonymous said...

Hey cara

i thought you were going to Nice, and you seem to have been there by the pictures you sent. now you are in Marsaille, did you go there on your way back or is this another trip?

Luv Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

I haven't had an email from you in ages and just saw all your photos of nice and the other place. It looks so lovely and warm in europe.
If you haven't checked your email I've booked my ticket!! joy!
Hope uni is not so frantic and i love your appartment, its got so much character.

Miss you :(

P.S: there's only 3 weeks of semester left!!

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Cara mia,
Nice look beautiful. I will look forward to seeing the rest of your Marsaille photos.. So
which did you like best...Nice or Marsaille?
Love Mom

Cara Bradley said...

I promise I will actually write some real info sometime soon so everyone knows what's going on in these random photos. It is hard beacsue so much has happened that I forget that you guys don't know that Nice and Marsaille was the same weekend trip! Also, it felt like we really got to see both places really well which makes it seem like I was there for ages not just 2 dyas in Nice and 1 in Marsaille (on the way back Rhiannon)! It's amazing how time DID'NT fly. I guess because I went off exploring a lot while the girls ate at expensive resturants. I dont really feel like I can afford to that at the beginning of my trip. LISA, appartment does have a lot of character! I like it! I am not sure which I liked best they were both so unique, new and dfferent. I liked Nice becasue it had a more mediterainan fell aboutit and Vieux Nice was similar to Vieux Lyon but different. Marsaille was amazing becasue of the church with the 360 degree panoramic views et c'est une reve pour une photograph a Vieux Marsaille!

Anonymous said...

hi cara!!!!
fiona here!! (the crazy one!) oh wow, you look like you're having such a good time!! i'm so happy for you. Rhiannon gave me your site link and I can't wait to hear about more adventures. so envious but glad!
love love love love love!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cara,
I really love all the photos that you are including. It seems so beautiful and nice there. Hope you are taking care of yourself and making time for your school work.
Your Cali Friend,

Emily said...


Wow Nice and Marsille both looked fab and i'm glad your getting to do some great sight seeing while your there, hey it beats studying :-P

I think your doing great with just photos because they tell a bit of a story in themselves but of course its great to hear about as well...

It would be great it you could go once and have a full course french meal they are after all legendary...that or just have more choccie...

Anyway keep up the good effort

Hugs from em

Anonymous said...

Cara ! coucou c José le garcon du train , j ' espere que ton sejour c bien passer a Marseille ? et bravo jolie photos ! voilà gros bisous.