Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cara's room!!! after extensive decoration

Okay to appease the masses here are the 'after' photos of my room! Before can be found by scrolling down a fair bit. I am putting these up beacause this morning I managed to get a personal courrier (a Melbourne University exchnage coordinator) to accompany a presnt for my Mum and my Italien photos back to Australia! Absolutely amazing...that present was heavy I tell you! But yeah, I didn't have the time to transfer the photos to my lap top so I don't have them, they are in transit! I have a back up in Italy on Simone's (the family friend I stayed with) computer no one panic!

Cara's room! Thats then best bed in the world and wll worth dragging it on the tram, train, pushing it down the street and hauling it up 4 flights of spiral stairs! My coat rack, how posh (never had one before...oh so novel), thank you landlord!

Cara's room...the other direction. There are my nice big windows which let the morning sunlight in which warms up my house! The big blue worm is from Ikea and is filled to breaking point with clothes (say no storage space). The hooks on the back of my doors are a life saver. The blue bobbles/beads hanging from the ceiling are a house warming present from a French friend!

Cara's 100% free book shelves made from real French wine boxes!


Mr David said...

wow! that looks like a really cool room!!

It is just as I would expect your room to look... it is definetely a Cara room... :)

Cara Bradley said...

It's meeeeee! I have to agree with you there. I think it does look like my room!