Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cara the Alaskan Moose Hunter

Hey All!

Welcome to Anchoridge, Alaska!

Random Alaskan facts:

- Alaska is known for it's abundance of single men! (Oh la la!) Gold miners, oil workers, hunters, trappers and fishermen moved here for the 'rugged life on the frontier'. Census data shows there are 114 single men for every 100 single women in Alaska (compared to 86 men for every 100 women in the USA in general) and so the saying goes 'The odds are good but the goods are odd'

-Ok, get's so cold in the empty and desolate North of Alaska (eg: Fairbanks) that in winter you can hold out a cup of water, pour it onto the ground and it freezes on the way down! And you have to be carfeul not to leave cans of soda/soft drink in your car as they will explode!! Explode I tell you! So, empty for a reason wouldn't you say? Extremely sheltered from the harsh realities of freezing soad by growing up in California and Melbourne wouldn't ya say!

-Alaska Pride: Alaska is a very proud State in SO many ways! They have their own state song 'The simple flag of the last frontier', the Alaskan flag (not the American) with its Big Dipper (Ursa Major) pops up everywhere, Youth sport Alaska pride jumpers (they are petty cute) and the Randall's car is decked out wth Big Dipper Seat covers and bumper stickers proclaimng 'Alaskan Girls Do it Better'.

-One of the Randall family memeber's planted broccoli in their backyard and cow and a calf MOOSE came and devoured them! Moose eating broccoli in your backyard! Imagine! I am determine to see a Moose before exiting Alaska!

-There are active volancoes in Alaska! Alive!

-When the tides goes out it exposes mudflats which are made of fine silky glacial silt. The muflats are bit dangerous and kinda like quicksand, the sand particles lock together and trap people. They are actually a colloid (switch). There are some scary stories...a famously sad one involving honeymooners n the 80's. Emergency services uses high powered water hoses to get you out, if your lucky. When the lovely tide comes in however it is called the boretide and it's the second hghest in the world, 30 feet.

-Anchoridge is a very active city! It seems everyone here is into some sort of Sport. Aussies would get on very well here! They are even into sports you've never heard of like Roller Ski (roller skating on short little skis with poles) and Disc Golf (it's golf wth frisbees). In winter when it is dark so much of the time the trails are all lit and the paths are groomed by volunteers. I think my impession is probably aided by the fact that Mr. Randall works for the Munciplaity of Anchoridge and is the Outdoor Recreaton Co-ordinatror.

-Alaska is full of cute names: Chickaloon (a town), The Bear's Tooth (a theatre) and

-In winter time, the Moose wander onto the roads because they find it diffcult to walk in the snow, therefore, sadly there is A LOT of road killed Moose (250 last winter) and there is a group which cuts up the roadkill Moose and feeds it to the homeless shelter!!! Moose burgers, Moose steak, Moose jerkey...anyone?.....anyone?....guys?

A Mexican in Anchordge...??


Anonymous said...

Alaska sounds AWESOME
I would LOVE to go to Alaska!
Hmm this year I have been to Cairns, Im going to Bali and for New Years Steve and I are thinking of going to Japan (We gotta do something awesome for our three year!)
Hope ur having fun and dont go trying any of those moose burgers or dont go and be eaten by a moose
love kris

Mr David said...

It's just like Northern Exposure! Meet you back at your dad's place to watch season 2. I love that moose! haha

I went walking in upstate New York looking for Moose but I didn't see any. Good luck Moose spotting!

Daddy said...

Hey! I like your traditional Alaskian outfet! Do they realy dress that way up there? I love the Alaskian flag. I have liked it since I have been watching Northern Exposure. I have one that hangs in my room. I am glad that you watched the show and how it prepared you for all the characters in Alaska. Give my regards to Chris and everyone at KBER. Daddy