Monday, August 20, 2007

Alive and well in Vancouver, BC

Hello all!

WHAT WAS:Well I made it safely on the Diamond Princess down the Alaskan and Canadian coast to Vancouver Canada!!! Yipeee....or should I more appropriately say aye! The cruise was great! All you can eat and no sleep! Had a blast, though very tired and feel like I need a holiday now! The ship stopped in Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan.

WHAT IS: I am staying with friends I met on the boat at The 4 Seasons Hotel...oh posh, snob, snob (I am going to nick their soap cos it's GREAT). But even greater then the soap is the fact that I met up with Alisa (Alisa was on exchange with me in Lyon, France) yesterday at her work. She works at the tallest building in Vancouver, the Vancouver Lookout! It was so great to see her again and its funny that it feel natural to bump into her here and it feels natural to be here! It also feels like we just saw each other yesterday even though it was a year and a half ago!
WHAT WILL BE: Alisa gets a free whale watching cruise because she works at the Lookout so we shall boating about together on Monday. I will then stay and see the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island for a few days! After that its back to Vancouver city, on to Seattle and then Portland where I will meet up with a friend for a week to see some of Oregon! After that....I am still working on that one! Surprise, surprise!


Mr David said...

Good to hear you're alive aye! Canadians are good fun aye! aye aye aye!

Daddy said...

Hello! Hello! Hello! It would be great if you could see some natural areas like Creater Lake or Mount Rainer, aye! If you are near a phone you could call me and then I could call you back with my phone plan, aye!