Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome to Australia...Victoria, Vancouver Island!

So I spontaneously said goodbye to Vancouver today and conveniently took 2 buses, a ferry and a final bus to the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island! Easy as pie hey...or should I say 'aye'!?! Victoria is the capital of the Provence (no States in Canada guys, Provinces, aye, I keep being told) of British Columbia and it is very pretty. I arrived, went to straight to Tourist Info and was on the next tour of Parliament House here! Fast and furious! I then spent the avo and evening with Rachael (English) whom I met on the bus! She is here to study abroad at Uni Vic for a semester. She is lots of fun and we are going to meet tomorrow, 9:30am at some big statue to see more of what Victoria has to offer!

I was intending to go back to the mainland to take a bus/train to Seattle but I am willing to sacrifice my cold hard earned cash for avoiding the arduous bus/ferry combo I had to do today! Yes, so traumatized! So it is to Seattle by ferry I believe! It's only double the amount of money!

Ta Ta for now!

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Cara's mum & Pat said...

Pleae email you familly with your address and Ph no so we know how to find you in case of emergency.
Love your
Mum, Dad, Pat, Nonie, Jill, Dan, Jason & Kaylen.