Saturday, July 28, 2007

So long Sewing and Singing

The dreaded solo- 'So in Love'

Comical Cara as Freddy looking enamored.

Cara the put you to bed maid!

'After party' at Adele's with Christina, Mark, Sandra, Mark, Cara and Matt.

Hey y'all!

I am finished with Sewing and Singing! YAY! Gawd, the last week has REALLY been stressful!

The concert last night went very well (I had to run to my sewing class beforehand, submit my work and do a test! talk about juggling). I was in 3 of the solo numbers! The first song I sang was my solo, 'So in Love' from the musical Kiss Me Kate by Cole Porter (if you've seen the movie 'De-lovely' with Ashley Judd and Kevin Kline you may have heard it). For the second song, 'Show Me', I tied up my hair, wiped off my lip stick, put on my best brown suit (lol...girly rip curl cords, a 50cents garage sale jacket and someones brown shoes I found in the corridor) and green hat. I played the adoring Freddy from My Fair Lady who adores Eliza Doolittle and Eliza sings to him to stop talking about love and show her). In the third song I was a maid to Eliza Doolittle (a different girl playing Eliza this time...all of the songs were chosen randomly and so it was a bit of a mix). The maids singingly interject into Eliza's song and we had to do a lot of work on the timing! Besides my solo the other 2 were mainly acting.

Then after the intermission came the chorus songs. We sang 5 songs, all musical theatre pieces that I had never heard of! Lots of acting and moving about the stage. I had one solo and we were all pretty happy. People said I sang my solo well.....but I think everyone said that to everyone else! I mean I definitely sang better then I did when we first started this class and I managed to get confident enough to un-glue myself form the piano and prance somewhat about the stage during my solo but improved and good are 2 very different things! It's hard to get confidence in your singing ability when your range is faulty due to your jaw (TMJ). Send in the specialists.

All in all we were euphorically happy at the end and a few of us went to Adele's (a very cute typical American coffee shop). We chatted about our futures, religion, socialist medicine vs. American's disastrous medical 'system' and when it was midnight and we were booted out we went to Sandra's house to watch the comedian and British transvestite Eddie Izzard! We laughed hilariously until 3am when we retired!

So now, the day after, I go to work as a fit model at 2pm for Marmot and then it's off camping to lake Tahoe with my Dad, uncle, grandmother, cousin and his wife and several family friends! Gotta go pack!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your amazing and talented. I
enjoyed chating w/you today, your
such a lucky gal and seem to have
a great head on your shoulders.
Enjoy your weekend. see u next week.


ivan plese said...

Well Cara I'm glad you liked the stage.... wish I could have been there to hear you sing and see you act, but I'm sure someone got it on tape :)

Daddy said...

Well Done! I do not think that I could perform in front of a crowd. I really think that you did a great job! I am glad that I got my lights back. It seemed that many of the student knew what I paid for them and where I got them. You must be talking about me! I hope most of it is good!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara,
I wish I could have seen you perform! Oh, well. Hope you are doing well and having fun. Cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey!
i was just looking through ur blog and i cant believe that u started it two years ago! eep!
when u started it i was still in my first year of uni.. now im almost done! yay!!
update ur blog more often!!
love you
love kris

Anonymous said...

You really DID to great on your solo! You'll see on the tape! Thanks for surviving gracefully through "Show Me"!
Have a great time on your trip!
Thank you soooo much for the cute Koala! It's going right up on my board in my room! It's so sweet of you!
Miss you already!

P.S. Don't talk of stars. ;P