Monday, August 27, 2007

Seattle at night!


I have arrived in Seattle, Washington! I said a bit of a sad goodbye to Rachael (whom I met on the bus en route to Victoria and have spent the last 2 days with) and took the 7pm Ferry from Victoria and arrived here at 9:45pm! I then shared a Taxi (this is posh in the backpacker world so wow-wee!) with fellow ferry passengers (a couple, they ended up paying for me even though they got out of the cab first!) to my accomodation! I am staying with a friend of a friend Caryn, her house mate Susan and their 2 pussy cats, Pepper and Stink! Looking out of their apartment living room right now I can see over Seattle and can see the Space Needle. They live in a trendy area of Seattle called Capitol Hill which I shall set out and explore tomorrow!

Seattle is my oyster!


Daddy said...

Sounds like you have pretty good digs! Capital Hill, sounds like the Ritz! I really liked Seattle when I was there. Everyone goes to Pikes market and I found some good shopping. Some of the islands are very beautiful.

Anonymous said...


I had a blast touring with you. where will we go next?

Anonymous said...

You are an awsome person.
How lucky we are have an opertunity to post here to comunicate with you.

Your freinds from the Oregon Coast

Anonymous said...

What adentures you have been on. I sure wish i had met you earlier so i could have followed this post longer.
Your freind from Bend

Anonymous said...

Thank You Again!!!

We cant say enugh how lucky we were that you happened to be passing by when our emergncy happened. If you weren there who knows what may have happened to Billy. Your knowldge of first aid and basic survival skills saved the day. I have the utmost confidence that you always act in a autiouse mannor and are safe no matter what you are doing.
No need in ever worrying about you.

You are our gurdian angel
the Smith's

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Bradley.
How special it was meeting you at crater lake. you are qute the uniqe spirit. you remind me allot of my own granddaughter who was quite like you. she has gone on to accomplsh a great dal of things.

Take care
Beatris Stix

Lee Evans said...

Well hello there stranger! Long time no see :-(
Thought I would say hi and see how you were going, you seem to be having a ball and quite frankly I don't blame you.
Are you going to be home for christmas? If so it will be fun to catch up. Oh I have put some new shots up on myspace and facebook etc, think you might like a few of them...

Well I'll chat to you later, miss ya heaps.

Lee xox

Anonymous said...

"Great women and great men give great and eloquent speeches; the wildflower has greater power to render the soul speechless"

Great things happening on your sojourn, I see! Guardian angels do come in a perfect size medium.

If you want to see Cara the "Moose hunter", go to and search "Moose hunter Cara". I've posted more pictures of the Alaskan adventure.

Enjoy the wildflowers!